10 Facts about Dehradun

Wednesday, July 27th 2016. | Cities

Get the wonderful Facts about Dehradun by reading the whole post below. Dehradun is one of the notable cities in India. It serves as the capital for Uttarakhand. The distance between New Delhi and this city is around 147 miles or 236 km. Delhi metropolitan area is filled with high level of population and migration. But now the people have another alternative due to the developed Dehradun. There is no need to wonder that it receives the nickname as Counter Magnets.

Facts about Dehradun 1: the rivers

There are two rivers located alongside Dehradun.  On the west side, you can spot Yamuna River. The east side is inhabited by Ganges River.

Facts about Dehradun 2: the fame of Dehradun

Dehradun is a famous city in India. People recognize it as the perfect gateway when they want to reach other cities. It has milder climate and wonderful landscape.

Dehradun Beauty

Dehradun Beauty

Facts about Dehradun 3: the nearby tourist destinations

There are various nearby tourist destinations in the Himalayas that people can access through Dehradun. You can go to Chota Char Dham which is famous as the pilgrimage circuit in Himalaya. You can also go to Haridwar and Rishikesh since both are the Holy cities for Hindus.

Facts about Dehradun 4: an amazing city

The educational institutions, publishing services and natural resources of the city are very famous in India.

Dehradun Pictures

Dehradun Pictures

Facts about Dehradun 5: the training institutions

ITBP Academy & Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy and Indian Military Academy are housed in Dehradun. Both gain the national importance as training institutions in the country.

Facts about Dehradun 6: the national foundations

You can also find some national foundations in Dehradun. They are Defence Electronics Application Laboratory, Opto Electronics Factory, Ordnance Factory Dehradun and Instruments Research and Development Establishment.

Dehradun City

Dehradun City

Facts about Dehradun 7: the wettest State capital

It took the record as the wettest State capital in India in 2012.  The rainfall in the city was recorded at 2137 mm. Check facts about Damascus here.

Facts about Dehradun 8: the population

There were 578,420 people who lived in Dehradun based on the report of Census India.

Dehradun Facts

Dehradun Facts

Facts about Dehradun 9: the literacy rate

The literacy rate in the city is 89.32 percent.  The literacy rate for female is 85.66 percent, while the male literacy rate is 92.65.

Facts about Dehradun 10: the income

The per capita income of Dehradun reaches $2400. It has good economy because it is a home of various competent education institutions. The population in the city is also small. Get facts about Davao here.

Facts about Dehradun

Facts about Dehradun

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