10 Facts about Dehydration

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Facts about Dehydration inform the readers with a deficit of total body water. The metabolic process in the body is also interrupted because of the deficit of water inside our body. If this condition is severe, it may lead into hypernatremia. The loss of blood volume is not similar with dehydration. This condition is called hypovolemia. Dehydration is mainly caused by the high environmental temperature, disease and exercise. Check other interesting facts about dehydration below:

Facts about Dehydration 1: the divers

The divers may experience mild dehydration due to the immersion diuresis. The divers who experience mild dehydration may develop decompression sickness.  Get facts about circulatory system here.

Facts about Dehydration 2: toleration

There will be no adverse health effect experienced by most people who have 3 to 4 percent decreased total body water. The body can tolerate it well.

Dehydration Facts

Dehydration Facts

Facts about Dehydration 3: fatigue

The people will experience dizziness or fatigue if the total body water decreases for 5 up to 8 percent.

Facts about Dehydration 4: 10 percent of total body water

The people will experience mental and physical deterioration if the loss of total body water reaches more than 10 percent. Find facts about cardiac muscle here.

Dehydration Pic

Dehydration Pic

Facts about Dehydration 5: death

When the people lost 15 to 25 percent of total body water, death may occur.

Facts about Dehydration 6: the symptoms of mild dehydration

General discomfort and thirst are the two common symptoms of mild dehydration. You just have to do oral rehydration to resolve this condition.

Facts about Dehydration

Facts about Dehydration

Facts about Dehydration 7: how does dehydration occur?

When the water intake is not sufficient to replace the lost of water, dehydration may occur. Urination, vomiting, diarrhea and breathing are some causes of loss of water.

Facts about Dehydration 8: the types of dehydration

Based on the sodium or serum levels, there are 3 types of dehydrations. Those are isotonic, hypertonic and hypotonic.

Dehydration Image

Dehydration Image

Facts about Dehydration 9: the isotonic dehydration

The isotonic dehydration is very common to experience by human beings. This condition is characterized by the equal loss of electrolytes and water.

Facts about Dehydration 10: the detail characteristics of dehydration

Seizure, unexplained tiredness, confusion, loss of appetite, headache, decreased volume of urine, dizziness and general discomfort are some hallmarks of dehydration.

Facts about Dehydration

Facts about Dehydration

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