10 Facts about Deimos

Thursday, July 28th 2016. | Astronomy

If you want to know one of the two natural satellites of Mars, check facts about Deimos. The other natural satellite of Mars is Phobos. Deimos is smaller than Phobos. This moon needs 30.3 hours to orbit Mars. The mean radius of Deimos is measured at 3.9 miles or 6.2 km. The name of Deimos is found in Greek mythology with the similar name. He was known as god of terror. Phobos was his twin brother. Check other interesting facts about Deimos:

Facts about Deimos 1: the distance between Mars and Deimos

The distance between Mars and Deimos is 14,590 miles or 23,460 km. Phobos has closer distance than Deimos to Mars.

Facts about Deimos 2: who discovered Deimos?

On 12th August 1877, Asaph Hall, Sr discovered Deimos at U.S. Naval Observatory, Washington, D.C. On 18th August 1877, he also discovered the other moon of Mars, Phobos.

Deimos Facts

Deimos Facts

Facts about Deimos 3: the name Deimos

As I have stated before, the name of this moon is derived from the name of a Greek god Deimos. Henry Madan gave suggestion related to the name of Martian moons.

Facts about Deimos 4: the components of Deimos

The rocks found in Deimos contain high amount of carbonaceous materials. The content resembles the one found in carbonaceous chondrite meteorites and C-type asteroids.

Deimos Texture

Deimos Texture

Facts about Deimos 5: the surface

The surface of Deimos is smoother than that of Phobos. But you can also find craters on Deimos’ surface.

Facts about Deimos 6: the geological features

There are only two geological features on Deimos which have been named. They are Swift and Voltaire craters. The name of the craters was taken from the name of the writers who had speculations about the existence of the natural moons of Mars.

Deimos Pictures

Deimos Pictures

Facts about Deimos 7: the orbit of Deimos

Deimos owns a circular orbit. It stands at the equatorial plane of Mars. This moon sets in the west and rises in the east.

Facts about Deimos 8: photographs

There were some spacecrafts which had captured photographs of Deimos on the way to reach Mars.  Deimos has not been landed by any spacecraft. Check facts about dark energy here.

Facts about Deimos

Facts about Deimos

Facts about Deimos 9:  the plan to visit Deimos

There was a plan proposed to visit both moons of Mars by launching projectiles. Carle Pieters of Brown University was the principal investigator. The cost of this mission reached $247.7 million. Finally a probe called MESSENGER was sent to Mercury. Find facts about dark matter here.

Facts about Deimos 10: Deimos in popular culture

Deimos has been a subject in some forms of popular culture. Deimos was used as a setting of place in Doom. It was a game released in 1993.

Deimos Pic

Deimos Pic

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