10 Facts about Deinonychus

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Check Facts about Deinonychus in the below post. It is one of the notable members of dinosaurs. Deinonychus lived in the beginning of Cretaceous Period. It was around 115 until 108 million years ago. The body length of Deinonychus could grow up to 11 feet or 3.4 m. Several states in U.S. were the sites of Deinonychus’ fossils. The fossils were found in Oklahoma, Wyoming, Utah and Montana.

Facts about Deinonychus 1: the findings of Deinonychus’ fossils

The fossils of Deinonychus were discovered in Antlers Formation, Cedar Mountain Formation and Cloverly Formation.

Facts about Deinonychus 2: the study of Deinonychus

In the end of 1960s, Deinonychus was deeply studied by John Ostrom. He was a famous paleontologist.

Deinonychus Facts

Deinonychus Facts

Facts about Deinonychus 3: the revolutionary ideas

Ostrom presented revolutionary ideas related to dinosaur after he studied Deinonychus. The debate whether dinosaurs were cold blooded or warm blooded was ignited.

Facts about Deinonychus 4: the size of Deinonychus

The skull length of Deinonychus reaches 16.1 inches or 410 mm. The length was 11.2 feet or 3.4 m. The weight was 161 lb or 73 kg. The height of a hip was measured at 2.9 feet or 0.87 m. The report was based on mature specimens of Deinonychus.

Deinonychus Fur

Deinonychus Fur

Facts about Deinonychus 5: the skull of Deinonychus

Over the decades, the skull Deinonychus progressed.  The skull featured the blade like teeth and powerful jaws. The characteristics of Deinonychus’ skull were associated to Allosaurus by Ostrom.

Facts about Deinonychus 6: Deinonychus and Velocilaptor

If you think that the skull of Deinonychus is similar with that of Velocilaptor, you are wrong. The depressed nasals of Velocilaptor were not found on Deinonychus’ skull. Check facts about apatosaurus here.

Deinonychus Pictures

Deinonychus Pictures

Facts about Deinonychus 7: the skin impression

When the people study the fossils of Deinonychus, they cannot figure out the skin impression. But they believe that the skin features feather.

Facts about Deinonychus 8: speed

Deinonychus is depicted as a fast running dinosaur. They were agile predators who depended on the legs for running and catching prey.

Deinonychus Skeleton

Deinonychus Skeleton

Facts about Deinonychus 9: the size of eggs

The size of eggs of Deinonychus was estimated around 2.7 inches or 7 cm for the diameter. Get facts about Ceratosaurus here.

Facts about Deinonychus 10: an agile predator

Today Deinonychus is considered as an agile predator after the study of Ostrom. It had ratite like spine, horizontal posture and sleek body.



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