10 Facts about Delhi Metro

Friday, July 29th 2016. | Transportation

Facts about Delhi Metro talk about a metro system in India. It connects Delhi to the satellites cities like Ghaziabad, Noida, Gurgaon and Faridabad. Based on the number of station and length, it is ranked as the 12th largest metro system in the world. There are 160 stations served by Delhi Metro. The total length of its network is 132 miles or 213 km.  It has five colour coded regular lines. The Airport Express line is also a part of its network. Find out other interesting facts about Delhi Metro below:

Facts about Delhi Metro 1: the system of Delhi Metro

The elevated stations, at grade stations and underground stations are parts of Delhi Metro system. The standard gauge and broad gauge are employed.

Facts about Delhi Metro 2: the daily passengers

There are around 2.4 million passengers who use Delhi Metro daily. Since the first inception of Delhi Metro, there had been 1.25 billion passengers accessing the system as of August 2010.

Delhi Metro Facts

Delhi Metro Facts

Facts about Delhi Metro 3: the second best metro

The second best metro in the world is taken by DMRC. It stands for Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited. This company is owned by the states. The Government of Delhi and Government of India have equal equity participation in DMRC. This company is the operator and builder of Delhi Metro.

Facts about Delhi Metro 4: UN

UN calls Delhi Metro as the first rail based system and metro rail which decreased the gas emission and reduced pollution.

Facts about Delhi Metro

Facts about Delhi Metro

Facts about Delhi Metro 5: the operation of Delhi Metro

The operation of Delhi Metro begins at 05:30 until 00:00. The passengers are served with 2000 daily trips.

Facts about Delhi Metro 6: the headway

The headway of the trip is varied. It usually lasts from 4 to 10 minutes or 1 to 2 minutes.

Delhi Metro Pictures

Delhi Metro Pictures

Facts about Delhi Metro 7: Delhi Metro plan

In 1984, there was a plan to establish a metro in Delhi. The proposal was made by the Urban Arts Commission and Delhi Development Authority.

Facts about Delhi Metro 8: DMRC

In May 1995, DMRC was involved in the project. In 1998, the construction took place. Check facts about covered wagon here.

Delhi Metro Pic

Delhi Metro Pic

Facts about Delhi Metro 9: the opening of Delhi Metro

In 2002, the opening of the first section of Red Line was executed.  By 2006, there were 3 lines completed in Phase I. In 2011, Phase II completed. By 2016, the people expect that Phase III will be completed. Delhi government had approved Phase IV, but the cabinet approval is still awaited. The phase is predicted to complete in 2020.

Facts about Delhi Metro 10: the power of DMRC

The power of DMRC covered the funds, tenders and people who worked in the construction. Get facts about cruise ships here.

Delhi Metro Images

Delhi Metro Images

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