10 Facts about Delhi Sultans

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Facts about Delhi Sultans inform the people with leaders of a Muslim Kingdom located in Delhi. They were on the throne from 1206 until 1526. It spanned for 320 years which covered many parts of Indian subcontinent. There were five dynasties of Delhi Sultanate which ruled India. The Turkic origin was found on the first of dynasties. Find out other interesting facts about Delhi Sultans below:

Facts about Delhi Sultans 1: the five dynasties of Delhi Sultanate

The first dynasty was Mamluk dynasty which ruled from 1206 until 1290. In 1290 until 1320, it was controlled by the Khilji dynasty. The next one was the Tughlaq dynasty which ruled from 1320 until 1414. It was followed by Sayyid dynasty. The last dynasty was the Afghan Lodi Dynasty which served from 1451 to 1526.

Facts about Delhi Sultans 2: the first sultan of Delhi

The first sultan of Delhi was a former slave of Muhammad Ghori. His name was Qutb-ud-din Aibak. Many regions of northern India were conquered under his reign.

Delhi Sultans Image

Delhi Sultans Image

Facts about Delhi Sultans 3: Khilji dynasty

Most areas in central India were conquered under Khilji dynasty. But this dynasty was not successful to unite all areas in India.

Facts about Delhi Sultans 4: Razia Sultana

Razia Sultana was one of the few female rulers during the Islamic history under Delhi Sultanate.

Facts about Delhi Sultans

Facts about Delhi Sultans

Facts about Delhi Sultans 5: Tughlaq dynasty

The highest point of Delhi Sultana was reached by Tughlaq dynasty. Most areas in Indian subcontinent were under the sultanate. Then it fell and involved in wars between Muslims and Hindus. Bengal Sultanate decided to break off, while Vijayanagara Empire wanted their own independence.

Facts about Delhi Sultans 6: destruction

In Pre-Islamic India, destructing and desecrating the temples of the enemies was very common. This political act was performed by Delhi Sultanate. The Mughal Empire replaced Delhi Sultana after it fell in 1526.

Delhi Sultans

Delhi Sultans

Facts about Delhi Sultans 7: Mamluk Dynasty

The Delhi Sultanate started the reign of Mu’izz al-Din. The first dynasty is called Mamluk because the term means slave. Aibak became Delhi sultan for 4 years. Check facts about ancient India here.

Facts about Delhi Sultans 8: the death of Aibak

In 1210, Aram Shah claimed the power as the Delhi Sultan after the death of Aibak. However, Iltutmish killed him in 1211. He was the son in law of Aibak.

Delhi Sultans Pictures

Delhi Sultans Pictures

Facts about Delhi Sultans 9: Iltumish reign

The reign of Iltumish was shaky because many nobles or amirs challenged his power. He was on the reign until 1236. Get facts about Clive of India here.

Facts about Delhi Sultans 10: the end of Mamluk dynasty

Mamluk dynasty ended after 17 year old Muiz ud din Qaiqabad was killed by Jalal-ud-din Firoz Shah Khilji. Khilji claimed the power as Delhi Sultan.

Delhi Sultans Pic

Delhi Sultans Pic

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