10 Facts about Delphi

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Check the interesting information about the seat of oracle during the ancient Greek period on Facts about Delphi. This ancient sanctuary became rich because it was where the consultation of a significant decision would be made. The Omphalos was the representative of Delphi. The Greeks considered it as the center or navel of the world. Here is the detail information about Delphi to note:

Facts about Delphi 1: the site of Delphi

The site of Delphi is located on the south-western slope of Mount Parnassus. Today, it is included as an important site in Greece.

Facts about Delphi 2: a World Heritage Site

Delphi is also enlisted as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO due to its significance in the ancient world. There were several ancient Greek city-states which established rich monuments in Delphi.

Delphi Picture

Delphi Picture

Facts about Delphi 3: the ancient Oracle site

The ancient Oracle site called as the Sanctuary of Apollo was located in Delphi. The site of Delphi overlooks Pleistos Valley. It also features Phaedriades, a semicircular spur.  Check facts about ancient Greek culture here.

Facts about Delphi 4: the connection of Delphi and Apollo

Delphi and Apollo were connected due to “the Delphinian”. It was Apollo’s epithet.

Delphi Facts

Delphi Facts

Facts about Delphi 5: Delphi today

People can visit Delphi when they come to Greece. it is a wonderful ancient site to view.

Facts about Delphi 6: Homeric Hymn

In Homeric Hymn for Apollo in line 400, the Apollo’s epithet is linked with dolphins. It narrated a legend that Apollo was in a shape of dolphin when he arrived to Delphi for the first time. On his way back, he carried Cretan priests. Phyto is the name of the oracle’s Homeric name.

Facts about Delphi

Facts about Delphi

Facts about Delphi 7: another legend about Delphi and Apollo

There was another legend of Delphi and Apollo. Apollo was from north when he walked to reach Delphi. He picked laurel or bay tree that he thought to be a sacred plant when he stopped at a city in Thessaly called Tempe. Get facts about Apollo the Greek God here.

Facts about Delphi 8: a wreath of laurel

A wreath of laurel which had been picked from the Temple would be awarded for the winners of Pythian Games to commemorate the legends.

Delphi Pictures

Delphi Pictures

Facts about Delphi 9: a major site

The notable prehistoric oracle, Pythian Games and Phoebus Apollo are housed on the site of Delphi.

Facts about Delphi 10: The Pythian Games

The Pythian Games were hosted in Delphi. The legend stated that the son of Gaia, the serpent Pytho was shot by the first arrow of Apollo. He was forced to fly and could come back if he had done menial service for 8 years. The victory of Apollo was commemorated by having Pythian Games for every 4 years.



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