10 Facts about Delta Goodrem

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Here are several Facts about Delta Goodrem. Goodrem is an actress and singer-songwriter from Australia. She was born on 9th November 1984. her full name is Delta Lea Goodrem. When she was very young, Goodrem had piano, acting, singing and dancing classes. Goodrem spent her childhood in Sydney, New South Wales.

Facts about Delta Goodrem 1: the beginning of Goodrem’s career

Goodrem was seen in several TV shows as a child actress. When she took the role as Nina Tucker, Goodrem earned bigger popularity in 2002. She played in Neighbours, an Australian soap opera.

Facts about Delta Goodrem 2: the beginning of musical career

Goodrem began her musical career when she was 15 years old. It was after Sony Music signed her.

Delta Goodrem Facts

Delta Goodrem Facts

Facts about Delta Goodrem 3: the debut album of Goodrem

In 2003, Goodrem released her debut album. The title is Innocent Eyes. For 25 consecutive weeks, the album sat on the top of ARIA Albums Chat. In UK Album Chart, it reached number two.

Facts about Delta Goodrem 4: the sales of her debut album

The debut album of Goodrem was commercially successful because there were more than four million copies sold in the market.

Delta Goodrem Images

Delta Goodrem Images

Facts about Delta Goodrem 5: the popular singles

There are five popular singles of Goodrem in her first albums. Those include “Innocent Eyes”, “Born to Try”, “Predictable”, “Lost Without You”, and “Not Me, Not I”.

Facts about Delta Goodrem 6: the second album of Goodrem

In 2004, Goodrem released her second album. The title is Mistaken Identity. Some songs in the album reflect her life when she has to deal with cancer. “Out of the Blue” is one of the best songs.

Delta Goodrem Pictures

Delta Goodrem Pictures

Facts about Delta Goodrem 7: the third album of Goodrem

The third album of Goodrem was released in 2007. The title is Delta.  Her best song is “ In This Life”. Get facts about David Bowie here.

Facts about Delta Goodrem 8: other albums of Goodrem

In 2012, Child of the Universe album was released. It was the fourth album of Goodrem. People like to listen to “Sitting on Top of the World”.

Delta Goodrem Singer

Delta Goodrem Singer

Facts about Delta Goodrem 9: the fifth album

Wings of the Wild album is the fifth work of Goodrem released in 2016. “Wings” is one of the best singles in the album. Find facts about Dej Loaf here.

Facts about Delta Goodrem 10: The Voice Australia

Goodrem was selected as the coach on The Voice Australia in 2012 until 2013. In 2015, she served the show again.

Facts about Delta Goodrem

Facts about Delta Goodrem

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