10 Facts about Deltas

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Look at the landform caused by the sediment deposition of a river on Facts about Deltas. It is often called as river delta. This condition can be found when a river will enter a reservoir, lake, estuary, sea and ocean. Herodotus was not the person who coined the term delta even though there was a popular legend about it.  If you want to know how the river delta is formed, check the following post below:

Facts about Deltas 1: the formation of river delta

The formation of river delta is achieved if the sediment carried by a river enters an inland region, a body of standing water like reservoir, ocean or lake and another river which has not capability to eliminate the sediment fast. Therefore, the delta is formed from the sediment.

Facts about Deltas 2: the tidal current

If the tidal current is very strong, it will be difficult for the river delta to form. The sediment will be washed off by the strong current.

Facts about Deltas

Facts about Deltas

Facts about Deltas 3: the amount of sediment

The amount of sediment should be enough to form layer of delta for years.

Facts about Deltas 4: the classification of delta

The classification of delta is defined based on the primary control on deposition. It can be controlled by tides, waves or a river. The shape of delta is influenced by the control. Get facts about craters here.



Facts about Deltas 5: the wave dominated delta

The shape of a delta is determined by the wave erosion control. It is called the wave dominated delta. The deflected sediment is spotted along the coastline. 

Facts about Deltas 6: the largest delta

Do you know the largest delta in the world? The record is taken by the Ganges Delta. The location is in Bangladesh and India. It also receives the status as a fertile delta.



Facts about Deltas 7: the tide dominated delta

The tide dominated deltas are controlled by erosion too. An example of this delta is the Ganges Delta which has ridges and sand bars.

Facts about Deltas 8: a Gilbert delta

Another type of delta is a Gilbert delta. The name was derived from Grove Karl Gilbert. In 1885, this type of delta found on Lake Bonneville was explained by Gilbert. Check facts about coastlines here.

Delta Pictures

Delta Pictures

Facts about Deltas 9: the strong tidal range

If the tidal range is significant, the delta is not formed since the river will travel to the ocean or sea in a form of estuary.

Facts about Deltas 10: the rivers with notable deltas

The notable deltas can be found in some rivers in the world such as the Yangtze, the Po, the Rhine, the Niger River, the Kaveri and many more.

Delta Facts

Delta Facts

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