10 Facts about Deltoid

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Here are some interesting Facts about Deltoid to notice. Deltoid muscle is found in human anatomy. You can find this muscle type on the rounded counter of human’s shoulder. There are three different sets of fibers found in the muscle based on the anatomy. But you can find at least 7 groups of fibers based on the electromyography. The nervous system coordinates each group independently.

Facts about Deltoid 1: the previous name

In the past, the muscle was named deltoideus. It was the plural version of deltoidei. There are several anatomists who still use this name. The muscle is named deltoidei for the shape reminds them with delta, a Greek capital letter.

Facts about Deltoid 2: the common name

Most people use the word deltoid muscle to call the common shoulder muscle. You can simply call it delt for the short name.  This muscle is also found in a domestic cat.

Deltoid Facts

Deltoid Facts

Facts about Deltoid 3: the average mass

The weight of deltoid muscle is 3.0 oz or 84 grams to 12.9 oz or 366 g based on a study of 30 human shoulders.

Facts about Deltoid 4: the sets of fibers

As I have stated before, there are three sets of fibers found in deltoid muscle.  They are called using the term heads. Check facts about circulatory system here.



Facts about Deltoid 5: the fibers

The front delt is the shorter name used to call the anterior deltoid. The lateral deltoid is also called as side delts, outer delts or even middle delts. The last set of fiber is called posterior deltoid. Another name for this deltoid is rear delt or rear deltoid. 

Facts about Deltoid 6: the functional components

The three sets of fiber found in deltoid muscle are also defined in bands or parts. There are seven components on the muscle.

Deltoid Pictures

Deltoid Pictures

Facts about Deltoid 7: the number of components

There are two components found in the anterior part. One component is found in lateral part. The four components are found in the posterior deltoid.

Facts about Deltoid 8: the blood supply

The thoracoacromial artery and the posterior circumflex humeral artery supply the blood for deltoid. Get facts about collagen here.

Deltoid Images

Deltoid Images

Facts about Deltoid 9: the important function

Deltoid is important for human because it allows you to move during the arm abduction if all fibers have simultaneous contraction.

Facts about Deltoid 10: abnormalities

Abnormalities are found in deltoid. They include enthesopathy, fatty atrophy and tears.

Facts about Deltoid

Facts about Deltoid

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