10 Facts about Demeter Goddess

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Facts about Demeter Goddess inform the readers about the goddess of harvest and agriculture. She was responsible for the fertility of earth and growth of grains. She was known as the giver of grain and food.  Demeter earned a cult title called Sito. It is translated as “she of the Grain”. Demeter is often associated with cycle of life and death and the sacred law. Here are other interesting facts about Demeter:

Facts about Demeter Goddess 1: Eleusinian Mysteries

Eleusinian Mysteries were dated back in Olympian pantheon. The primary figures in the mysteries were Demeter and Persephone, her daughter.

Facts about Demeter Goddess 2: the Roman equivalent of Demeter

Ceres was the Roman equivalent of Demeter. Demeter, Persephone and Poseidon might be related to the Linear B Mycenean Greek tablets discovered at Pylos.

Demeter Goddess Facts

Demeter Goddess Facts

Facts about Demeter Goddess 3: the greatest gift from Demeter

Agriculture was the greatest gift from Demeter to humankind based on Isocrater, an Athenian rhetorician. Cereal was the primary type of agricultural plant that she gave. Another gift was the Mysteries which gave humankind hopes.

Facts about Demeter Goddess 4: the depiction of Demeter

Demeter was described as a blond-haired goddess in Homer’s Odyssey.  The chaff was separated from the grain by Demeter.

Demeter Goddess

Demeter Goddess

Facts about Demeter Goddess 5: prayers

It was believed that the crops would grow full and strong when the people prayed to Zeus-Chthonios and Demeter in Hesiod.

Facts about Demeter Goddess 6: parents of Demeter

Cronus and Rhea were the parents of Demeter according Hesiod’s Theogony. Persephone, Queen of the Underworld was the daughter of Demeter. Ploutos was Demeter’s son.

Facts about Demeter Goddess

Facts about Demeter Goddess

Facts about Demeter Goddess 7: emblem

Poppy was the emblem of Demeter. The flowers can be found among the barley. They have bright red hue. Look at facts about cupid here.

Facts about Demeter Goddess 8: the major festivals for Demeter

Thesmophoria festival was celebrated only for women on 11th to 13th October. The people from any social class and gender were allowed to follow Eleusinian mysteries.

Demeter Goddess Statue

Demeter Goddess Statue

Facts about Demeter Goddess 9: the importance of both festivals

Both festivals showed the significant relationship of Persephone as a daughter and Demeter as a mother.

Facts about Demeter Goddess 10: abduction

Hades abducted Persephone, the virgin of Demeter. She was filled with a lot of grief and loss since she could not find her daughter. There are various myths related to abduction of Persephone along with Hades and Demeter. Check facts about cyclops here.

Demeter Goddess Pictures

Demeter Goddess Pictures

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