10 Facts about Demi Lovato

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Find Facts about Demi Lovato in the below post. She is a famous songwriter, singer and actress in United States. She was born on 20th August 1992. Her full name is Demetria Devonne Lovato. She began her career as a child actress. Lovato appeared on Barney & Friends for her debut. The TV film Camp Rock made her rise to prominence in 2008. It was aired on Disney Channel. Hollywood Records then signed Lovato for a recording contract.

Facts about Demi Lovato 1: the debut album of Lovato

In September 2008, Lovato released Don’t Forget. It was the debut album of Lovato. On United States Billboard 200, it sat at No.2.

Facts about Demi Lovato 2: the sales of Lovato’s debut album

The sales of Lovato’s debut album reached 530,000 copes. Therefore, RIAA or Recording Industry Association of America certified her debut album gold.

Demi Lovato Beauty

Demi Lovato Beauty

Facts about Demi Lovato 3: Sonny with a Chance

In Sonny with a Chance, Lovato took the lead role in this TV series. It was aired in 2009.

Facts about Demi Lovato 4: the second album of Lovato

In July 2009, Lovato released the second album. The title was Here We Go Again. On United States Billboard 200, it took No.1. The sales of the album reached 496,000 copies.

Facts about Demi Lovato

Facts about Demi Lovato

Facts about Demi Lovato 5: hiatus

Lovato decided to have hiatus from her career due to the personal issues. That’s why Sonny with a Chance had to end up in the 2nd season.

Facts about Demi Lovato 6: the third album of Lovato

Unbroken was the third album of Lovato released in 2011. Some of her difficulties in personal life were described in the songs.

Demi Lovato Singer

Demi Lovato Singer

Facts about Demi Lovato 7: the famous singles

The famous singles of her third albums include “Give Your Heart a Break” and “Skyscraper”. The latter one was considered as the lead single in the album. The former one earned triple platinum certification. Check facts about Debby Ryan here.

Facts about Demi Lovato 8: The X Factor

In 2012 and 2013, Lovato joined The X Factor as a judge and a mentor for the American version.

Demi Lovato Images

Demi Lovato Images

Facts about Demi Lovato 9: the fourth and fifth albums

The fourth album of Lovato was entitled Demi (2013). Confident (2015) was the fifth album. “Cool for the Summer” was the main single in the album. Get facts about Deepika Padukone here.

Facts about Demi Lovato 10: awards

There are various awards that Lovato earns. She receives five People’s Choice Awards, 13 Teen Choice Awards and an MTV Video Music Award.

Demi Lovato Pic

Demi Lovato Pic

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