10 Facts about Democracy

Wednesday, August 3rd 2016. | Politics

Facts about Democracy will tell you about a type of government where the people are involved in the decision making of the state affairs. These people will choose their representative in the assembly or parliaments by using their votes in the election. Democracy is found in various countries in the world. It is very popular since the people have rights to define their government. Let’s check other interesting facts about democracy below:

Facts about Democracy 1: the four elements of democracy

There are four elements which define democracy based on Larry Diamond. He was a political scientist. The first one is related to the free and fair elections where people can choose and replace the government. The second one is related to citizen participation in the politics and civil life. The third one is related to the human rights of all people. The last element is related to the application of laws where all citizens are equally treated before the law.

Facts about Democracy 2: the term democracy

The term democracy is taken the word demokratia. It is a Greek word.

Democracy facts

Democracy facts

Facts about Democracy 3: the meaning of the term democracy

The term democracy is taken from two words, demos and kratos. The latter one means power or rule, while the former one means people. Therefore, it is translated as rule of the people.

Facts about Democracy 4: democracy and ancient time

The Greek city states applied democracy since the 5th century BC. It was considered as the common political system there.

Facts about Democracy

Facts about Democracy

Facts about Democracy 5: Athens

The major application of democracy during the ancient time was spotted in Athens.

Facts about Democracy 6: the antonym of democracy

Aristokratía is defined as rule of elite. It is considered as the antonym of democracy.

Democracy Picture

Democracy Picture

Facts about Democracy 7: absolute monarchy and oligarchy

Democracy is also different from oligarchy and absolute monarchy. The latter one is used to define a government ruled by a small number of people. The absolute monarchy is applied when a government is ruled by an individual.

Facts about Democracy 8: the fundamental element

The social norm, political equity and upward control are some fundamental elements of democracy based on one theory. Check facts about David Ben Gurion here.

Democracy Image

Democracy Image

Facts about Democracy 9: liberal democracy

The elements found in liberal democracy include civil liberties, equality before the law, political pluralism, human rights and due process.

Facts about Democracy 10: the application of democracy

The application of democracy is not only seen in government, but also in the system of various organizations in the world. Get facts about David Cameron here.

Democracy Pictures

Democracy Pictures

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