10 Facts about Demons

Thursday, August 4th 2016. | Religion

If you are interested to get more information about a malevolent being, check Facts about Demons.  This supernatural being is often mentioned in folklore, mythology, occultism, religion, fiction and literature. The word demon is taken from a Greek word, daimon. A demon has been defined as an unknown spirit type, a fallen angel or even an unclean spirit during the ancient and medieval Christian demonology. Therefore, an exorcism is considered to remove the unclean spirit. Find out other interesting facts about demons below:

Facts about Demons 1: Chaldean mythology

The shedu is a term used to call the seven evil deities known in Chaldean mythology. They look like ox. Check facts about cults here.

Facts about Demons 2: the shedu

The shedu are believed from the nether world in popular Hebrew mythology. Nightmare, epilepsy, headache and catalepsy were some ailments and diseases referred to them. The talismanic performance was needed to remove the evil demons.



Facts about Demons 3: the beliefs of demons

The existence of demons cannot be proved by using science of even logic. But this spiritual creature is believed to be existed in every religion.

Facts about Demons 4: the good or bad spirits?

The spirits may be good or bad. In Western Culture, angles are considered to serve the God’s will. Other spirits may be corrupt or evil. Satan has devious purpose toward human beings. Find facts about Chinese religions here.

Demon Pictures

Demon Pictures

Facts about Demons 5: tales

There are many tales related to the encounter of human beings and demons narrated in medieval Europe, Japan, ancient Greece, Egypt, Israel and Persia.

Facts about Demons 6: the superstitions

The stories related to demons were passed from one generation to another generation which makes us blind. People become superstitious.

Facts about Demons

Facts about Demons

Facts about Demons 7: Persian mythology and Zoroastrian religion

One of the famous demons found in Persian mythology and Zoroastrian religion is Daevas. This demon tries to bring destruction on the life of human beings.

Facts about Demons 8: Krampus

Krampus is a demon found in Germanic and Nordic tribes. It was believed that the children who had been naughty during the year would be visited by Krampus, not Santa.



Facts about Demons 9: Mephistopheles

The first appearance of Mephistopheles was in Faust Legend. This devil was depicted as a loyal worker of Satan.

Facts about Demons 10: Rusalka

Rusalka is famous in Slavic folklore. It was depicted in a female form with a resemblance like a water nymph and an evil demon. They were the female dead spirits, not mermaids.

Demon Facts

Demon Facts

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