10 Facts about Denbigh Castle

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Facts about Denbigh Castle inform the readers with a fortress built in two phases. The castle was established after Edward I conquered Wales in 13th century. The location of this castle is above Denbigh, Denbighshire. It is a notable market town in Wales. There was a special triple-towered gateway which defended the castle. Let’s find out other interesting facts about Denbigh Castle below:

Facts about Denbigh Castle 1: the design of Denbigh Castle

Master James of St. George took the credit for the designs of Denbigh Castle. As I have stated before, there were two phases of Denbigh Castle. In 1282, the first period of Denbigh Castle began. The construction was seen on the outer ward.

Facts about Denbigh Castle 2: the incomplete castle

The construction of Denbigh Castle was incomplete after it was captured and attached in 1294 during the Madog ap Llywelyn’s revolt.

Denbigh Castle Facts

Denbigh Castle Facts

Facts about Denbigh Castle 3: the second phase

The second phase for constructing Denbigh Castle began after the incomplete castle was recaptured again. The plan to finish the construction of Denbigh Castle was revised by Henry de Lacy. The walls for the castle were higher and thicker.

Facts about Denbigh Castle 4: the main gatehouse

A drawbridge and three octagonal towers were spotted on the main gatehouse of Denbigh Castle.

Denbigh Castle Pic

Denbigh Castle Pic

Facts about Denbigh Castle 5: a defended passageway

A defended passageway was spotted in this three-towered triangular gatehouse. It featured enfilading arrowslits, two wooden doors, portcullises in series and murder-holes.

Facts about Denbigh Castle 6: the gatehouse tower

A porter lodging was located at one gatehouse tower. The other towers were functioned as prisons.

Denbigh Castle

Denbigh Castle

Facts about Denbigh Castle 7: other completions

Other features completed during the construction in the similar period of times included the postern gate, pantry, kitchen tower and great hall. Check facts about Conwy Castle here.

Facts about Denbigh Castle 8: the D-shaped towers

The D-shaped towers were created in large size. They were used to defend the eastern section after the town walls were expanded. The towers included Goblin Tower and Countess Tower.

Facts about Denbigh Castle

Facts about Denbigh Castle

Facts about Denbigh Castle 9: the death of De Lacy

In 1311, De Lacy passed away. At that time, the construction of Denbigh Castle had not reached the defences of castle and town. Find facts about Crathes Castle here.

Facts about Denbigh Castle 10: the management

Cadw manages Denbigh Castle today. It is considered as the agency which will look after the historic monuments and buildings in Wales.

Denbigh Castle Images

Denbigh Castle Images

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