10 Facts about Deng Xiaoping

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Get the interesting information about the paramount leader of China on Facts about Deng Xiaoping. Xiaoping was born on August 22nd, 1904 and died on February 19th, 1997. In China, Deng was known as a statesman and a revolutionary. In 1978 until 1989, he led China until his retirement. Deng replaced Mao Zedong after his death.   Find out other interesting facts about Deng below:

Facts about Deng Xiaoping 1: the paramount leader

In December 1978 until 1992, Deng was named as the paramount leader of the People’s Republic of China even though he never sat as General Secretary, head of government or head of state.

Facts about Deng Xiaoping 2: the Eight Elders

The Eight Elders is a term used to call the powerful older politicians in China where Deng shared his power with them. Actually Deng served as the central man in the 2nd generation of leaders in Communist Party.

Deng Xiaoping images

Deng Xiaoping images

Facts about Deng Xiaoping 3: the early life

Deng was born into a peasant family. In 1920s, he was in France to study and work. The Marxism-Leninism influenced his thought when he was in the country.

Facts about Deng Xiaoping 4: Communist Party of China

In 1923, Deng decided to become a member of Communist Party of China.

Deng Xiaoping image

Deng Xiaoping image

Facts about Deng Xiaoping 5: working in China

He became a political commissar after returning to China from France. He served in the rural regions for the military. After the Long March, he was known as revolutionary veteran.

Facts about Deng Xiaoping 6: the communist control

Deng had a job to consolidate the communist control in Tibet and southwestern areas after People’s of Republic China were founded in 1949.

Deng Xiaoping Facts

Deng Xiaoping Facts

Facts about Deng Xiaoping 7: Mao Zedong

In the beginning of 1950s, Deng heavily supported Mao Zedong. In the beginning of 1960s, Deng had a prominent role for reconstructing the economy of China after he became Secretary General of the party.

Facts about Deng Xiaoping 8: the economic policies

During the Cultural Revolution, Deng was eliminated twice due to the odd economic policies which contradicted with the political ideologies of Mao. However, he was able to defeat Hua Guofeng the chosen successor of Mao after Deng rose to prominence in 1978. Look at facts about China’s Government here.

Deng Xiaoping pic

Deng Xiaoping pic

Facts about Deng Xiaoping 9: the leadership of Deng

Deng had a new way of thinking related to the socialist movement. Therefore, he was often called as the architect. He applied the combination of pragmatic market economy practices and socialist ideology of Communist Party.

Facts about Deng Xiaoping 10: the global market

During his leadership, he encouraged foreign investment on China and private competition. Find facts about China’s History here.

Facts about Deng Xiaoping

Facts about Deng Xiaoping

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