10 Facts about Dengue Fever

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Facts about Dengue Fever talk about a disease caused by dengue virus of a mosquito. After a person is infected by the virus, the symptoms will begin from 3 to 14 days. Some symptoms of dengue fever include joint pain, muscle paint, vomiting, headache, rack and high fever. The body will need around 2-7 days for recovery. The disease should be well treated because in few cases, it can be transformed into a dengue hemorrhagic fever which can threaten the life of the patient. If the patient develops the condition, he or she may experience blood plasma leakage, low levels of blood platelets and bleeding. Check other interesting facts about dengue fever below:

Facts about Dengue Fever 1: the species of mosquitoes

There are several species of mosquitoes which spread dengue fever.  Most of them are in the Aedes type. A. aegypti is the principal one.

Facts about Dengue Fever 2: the diagnosis

The diagnosis is conducted by having several tests. One of them is a test to identify the RNA. The antibody detection is also applied.

Dengue Fever Image

Dengue Fever Image

Facts about Dengue Fever 3: how to prevent dengue fever

You can prevent being infected by dengue fever if you can limit the exposure to bites and decrease the mosquito habitat. You can wear the clothes which cover much area of the body and cover the standing water.

Facts about Dengue Fever 4: treatment

A person who has an acute dengue fever will be treated by giving him or her fluid intravenously or by mouth. The blood transfusion is needed if the case is so severe.

Facts about Dengue Fever

Facts about Dengue Fever

Facts about Dengue Fever 5: a global problem

Since World War 2, dengue fever has been considered as a global problem. This disease can be found affecting at least 110 countries in the world.

Facts about Dengue Fever 6: the infected persons

There are around 50 to 528 people infected by dengue fever. The death toll reaches 10,000 to 20,000 people.

Dengue Fever Pictures

Dengue Fever Pictures

Facts about Dengue Fever 7: the incubation period

The incubation period of dengue fever is around four to seven days. But in some cases, it is around three to fourteen days. Look at facts about crack here.

Facts about Dengue Fever 8: the course of infection

There are three phases which define the course of infection of dengue fever. Those are febrile, critical and recovery.

Dengue Fever pic

Dengue Fever pic

Facts about Dengue Fever 9: the febrile phase

The higher fever usually occurs during the febrile phase. The body temperature reaches 104 degrees F or 40 degrees C.

Facts about Dengue Fever 10: a pregnant woman

The risk of having premature birth, low birth weight and miscarriage is higher if a pregnant woman is infected by dengue fever. Look at facts about CTE here.

Dengue Fever facts

Dengue Fever facts

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