10 Facts about Denim

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Facts about Denim inform the readers with a type of textile made of sturdy cotton. Indigo denim is considered as the common type of denim found in the market. Denim is different from the cotton duck because it has a diagonal ribbing. The indigo denim is defined by the presence of white weft thread and dyed warp thread. Check other interesting facts about denim below:

Facts about Denim 1: the warp faced twill weaving

The blue warp threads dominate one side of the textile. The white weft threads dominate the other side -faced after they follow the warp-faced twill weaving.

Facts about Denim 2: the blue jeans

Denim is used to produce blue jeans. Due to the warp faced twill weaving, they have white color inside. It also maintains the fading style of denim signature.

denim Facts

denim Facts

Facts about Denim 3: the denim name

The word denim is originated from the word serge de Nimes. They are French words which mean serge from Nimes.

Facts about Denim 4: the traditional denim color

The traditional color of denim is blue. The blue jeans are made of indigo dy. In the past, the word jean was used to define the lighter cotton fabric.

Facts about denim

Facts about denim

Facts about Denim 5: the word jeans

The word jeans are taken from the word Genes. It was a French word for Genoa Italy. Do you know that the first denim trousers were made in Genoa? Therefore, they were called jeans.

Facts about Denim 6: the usage of denim

Since the mid 19th century, the American people have used denim. Jacob David made jeans popular in United States in 1873 after he produced the first part of denim pants. They were called as the rivet reinforced one. David was a tailor from Nevada.

denim pic

denim pic

Facts about Denim 7: the concept of jeans

Davis was inspired to create reinforced jeans for there was a lady who wanted to give his husband durable pants that he could wear to cop woods. Find facts about cotton fabric here.

Facts about Denim 8: the rivets

Davis applied the rivets to fasten the pockets of the pants. He decided to use the copper rivets lying on the table when the denim jeans were about to finish.

denim images

denim images

Facts about Denim 9: the popular jeans

The denim jeans became popular due to the high durability. At that time, the clothes for the western laborers such as miners and surveyors were not durable. Look at facts about crochet here.

Facts about Denim 10: the demand

Davis was overwhelmed by the demand. Therefore, he collaborated with Levi Strauss & Co.



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