10 Facts about Denis Diderot

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Let me show you the interesting Facts about Denis Diderot in the following post below.  He was known as a writer, art critic and philosopher from France. He was born on 5th October 1713 and died on 31st July 1784. Here are the other facts about Diderot to notice:

Facts about Denis Diderot 1: Encyclopédie

Encyclopédie was co founded by Diderot and Jean le Rond d’Alembert. He also served as the contributor and editor. Diderot was a central figure during the Enlightenment Era.

Facts about Denis Diderot 2: the literary reputation

Diderot’s contributions to the Encyclopédie as well as his plays defined his literary reputation when he was alive. Look at facts about David Klass here.

Denis Diderot Facts

Denis Diderot Facts

Facts about Denis Diderot 3: the prominent works

The prominent works of Diderot included D’Alembert’s Dream, Rameau’s Nephew and Jacques the Fatalist were published after he died.

Facts about Denis Diderot 4: the early life

The birthplace of Diderot was located in Langres, Champagne. He was enrolled at a Jesuit college in Langres to start his formal education.

Denis Diderot Images

Denis Diderot Images

Facts about Denis Diderot 5: parents of Diderot

His mother was Angélique Vigneron, while his father was Didier Diderot. Didier worked as a cutler. Denis had five siblings, but only three of them survived the adulthood. He admired Denise, his sister. He often dubbed her a female Socrates.

Facts about Denis Diderot 6: a Master of Arts degree

Diderot had his Master of Art degree in philosophy in 1732. Then he went to Collège d’Harcourt in Paris. Diderot studied law there. However, he wanted to become a writer and forgot about the law.

Denis Diderot Pictures

Denis Diderot Pictures

Facts about Denis Diderot 7: the relationship with his father

Diderot developed a turmoil relationship with his father. He was alienated when he refused to attend one of the learned professions.

Facts about Denis Diderot 8: marriage

The relationship with his father turned sour again after he decided to marry Antoinette Champion. His father did not like the marriage due to the fatherless status, lack of dowry, poor education and low social class of Champion.

Denis Diderot

Denis Diderot

Facts about Denis Diderot 9: affairs

Diderot had affairs with several women like Mme de Maux, Sophie Volland, and Madeleine de Puisieux. Check facts about David Hill here.

Facts about Denis Diderot 10: selling a library

Diderot decided to sell his library when he wanted to provide a dowry for his daughter. The buyer was Empress Catherine II of Russia. Diderot was paid with a yearly salary after he was appointed to act the librarian for the empress while he kept the books in Paris.

Facts about Denis Diderot

Facts about Denis Diderot

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