10 Facts about Denmark

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Let me show you the interesting information about a Scandinavian country located in Europe on Facts about Denmark. Denmark is included in Nordic countries. It is considered as the smallest one. The location is at the southernmost part. Denmark shares border with other countries such as Norway, Germany and Sweden. Here are other interesting facts about Denmark to notice:

Facts about Denmark 1: the area of Denmark

The area of Denmark covers 16,573 square miles or 42,924 square km.  There are 5.7 million people who live in the country. This sovereign state consists of Denmark proper, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

Facts about Denmark 2: the islands

There are 443 named islands which comprises an archipelago in Denmark. It also has Jutland, a peninsula. The largest island is Zealand which houses Copenhagen. There are around 70 islands occupied by the people in Denmark.

Denmark Beauty

Denmark Beauty

Facts about Denmark 3: the characteristics of islands in Denmark

The climate in most islands in Denmark is temperate. Moreover, they sit on low elevation. Other characteristics are seen on the sandy coast, arable and flat lands.

Facts about Denmark 4: an absolute monarchy

In 1660, Denmark was ruled by an absolute monarchy. It was ended on 5th June 1849 after the Constitution of Denmark was signed. Then the constitutional monarchy was established.

Denmark Facts

Denmark Facts

Facts about Denmark 5: Queen Margrethe II

Queen Margrethe II is the current monarch of Denmark. The government system in the country applies parliamentary democracy.

Facts about Denmark 6: Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the capital and largest city in Denmark. The national parliament and government are located in the city.

Denmark Images

Denmark Images

Facts about Denmark 7: the standard of living

The standard of living of the Danes is high. The human development, protection of civil liberties, health care, education, prosperity and democratic government are in great rank. Look at facts about Cambodia here.

Facts about Denmark 8: the amazing records

There are various records held by Denmark.  It is included in the list of the countries with the highest per capita incomes in the world. Moreover, Denmark is the least corrupt country in the world.

Facts about Denmark

Facts about Denmark

Facts about Denmark 9: how to connect with other islands

The Danes get access to other smaller islands in Denmark via small aircraft and ferry.

Facts about Denmark 10: climate

As I have stated before, Denmark has temperate climate. The summer season is cool, while the winter season is mild. The driest season is in spring. On the other hand, the wettest season takes place in autumn. Get facts about Canada here.

Denmark Pic

Denmark Pic

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