10 Facts about Denmark Vesey

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Facts about Denmark Vesey inform the people about the life of the leader of African Americans. Vesey was known as a skilled carpenter. Moreover, he was literate. He was born circa 1767 and died on 2nd July 1822. Vesey was accused and convicted in a prominent revolt called the rising. The report stated that the revolt was planned to take place in June 1822 in the city. Due to his alleged act in this plan, Vesey was executed. Find out other interesting facts about Vesey below:

Facts about Denmark Vesey 1: the early life of Vesey

Vesey got his freedom as a slave when he was sent to Charleston. He was in Bermuda to serve a master previously. Vesey probably was born in St. Thomas as a slave.

Facts about Denmark Vesey 2: purchasing his freedom

Vesey got his freedom when he was 32 years old. He was able to purchase it after he won a lottery.

Denmark Vesey facts

Denmark Vesey facts

Facts about Denmark Vesey 3: the family of Vesey

Vesey did not have the power to purchase the freedom of Beck, his first wife and their kids even though he had great business.

Facts about Denmark Vesey 4: the church

Vesey was an active member of the Second Presbyterian Church. There was an independent AME Church in the city co-founded by Vesey in 1818.

Denmark Vesey

Denmark Vesey

Facts about Denmark Vesey 5: the members of AME

The AME congregation that he co-founded was popular among the people for it attracted around 1,848 members. That’s why it was considered as the second largest AME. The first place was taken by Mother Bethel located in Philadelphia.

Facts about Denmark Vesey 6: the allegation

There was an allegation that Vesey became the ringleader for a planned slave revolt in 1822.

Denmark Vesey Statue

Denmark Vesey Statue

Facts about Denmark Vesey 7: the plan

The allegation stated that they tried to liberate the slaves by murdering slaveholders in Charleston. Then they would search for refuge by sailing to Haiti. Get facts about David Hume here.

Facts about Denmark Vesey 8: the suspects

Vesey was alleged as the ringleader in the plan. He and other five slaves were on the first group sentenced to death in the court trial.

Denmark Vesey Pictures

Denmark Vesey Pictures

Facts about Denmark Vesey 9: the execution

On 2nd July 1822, Vesey was executed. He was 55 years old at that time. Another execution took place for 30 followers.

Facts about Denmark Vesey 10: the court trial

Vesey was condemned to death by hanging after he was found guilty in the planned slave revolt. Find facts about David Livingstone here.

Facts about Denmark Vesey

Facts about Denmark Vesey

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