10 Facts about Dennis Potter

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Facts about Dennis Potter present the information about the famous English journalist, screenwriter and TV dramatist. He was born on 17th May 1935 and died on 7th June 1994. His full name is Dennis Christopher George Potter. At the 1964 general election, Potter was a labor party candidate who stood for parliament. However, Potter decided to become a playwright after he developed psoriatic arthropathy. He focused on TV drama even though he had worked as a journalist previously. Here are other interesting facts about Potter to notice:

Facts about Dennis Potter 1: the new career of Potter

In 1965, Potter worked for Wednesday Play anthology series on BBC. For the subsequent 30 years, he was seen working here.

Facts about Dennis Potter 2: BBC TV serials

There are various BBC TV series ascribed to him. Those included Brimstone and Treacle (1976), Blue Remembered Hills (1979), The Singing Detective (1986), and Pennies from Heaven (1978).

Dennis Potter Pic

Dennis Potter Pic

Facts about Dennis Potter 3: the theme of Potter’s TV drama

The mixture of reality and fantasy was mostly spotted as the primary theme in the TV dramas of Potter. He also borrowed the images and themes of popular culture.

Facts about Dennis Potter 4: the importance of Potter

Potter was an important figure in the development British television because his works were innovative and influential.

Dennis Potter Images

Dennis Potter Images

Facts about Dennis Potter 5: the early life

The birthplace of Potter was located in Berry Hill, Gloucestershire. His father worked in rural mining area located between Wales and Gloucester as a coal miner. His name was Walter Edward Potter. His mother was Margaret Constance.

Facts about Dennis Potter 6: the bad experience

Potter had a very bad experience when he was 10 years old. His uncle sexually abused him. That’s why many of his writings eluded this bad experience.

Dennis Potter facts

Dennis Potter facts

Facts about Dennis Potter 7: marriage

Potter married to a local girl that he met at a dance named Margaret Amy Morgan. Both married on 10th January 1959. Check facts about David Unaipon here.

Facts about Dennis Potter 8: children

The couple was blessed with three children. They were Robert, Jane and Sarah. The family lived at Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire.

Facts about Dennis Potter

Facts about Dennis Potter

Facts about Dennis Potter 9: The Glittering Coffin

The Glittering Coffin was the first non-fiction work of Dennis Potter. In 1960, the Gollancz Press published the book.

Facts about Dennis Potter 10: another book

Potter also created another book based on the documentary of “Between Two Rivers”. The title of the book was The Changing Forest: Life in the Forest of Dean Today (1962). Find facts about David Walker here.

Dennis Potter Pictures

Dennis Potter Pictures

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