10 Facts about Density

Monday, August 8th 2016. | Science

If you are interested to learn about science, check facts about density. People often call it as the volumetric mass density. It is symbolized using the lower case Greek letter rho. In some cases, people use the Latin letter D to refer to density. If you are studying mathematics, mass divided by volume is used to define density. Here are other interesting facts about density:

Facts about Density 1: density and oil and gas industry in United States

The oil and gas industry in United States is defined based on the weight per unit volume.

Facts about Density 2: the numerical value

The numerical value of a density is similar with the mass concentration if the substance is pure.

density pictures

density pictures

Facts about Density 3: the distinctive density

The density is spotted differently on different materials. The packaging, purity and buoyancy probably are relevant with density.

Facts about Density 4: the densest elements

The densest elements till today are observed on osmium and iridium when both are kept in the standard pressure and temperature.

Density facts

Density facts

Facts about Density 5: the factors

The factors which will affect the density of materials are pressure and temperature. The varied density of a material is spotted when it is kept in different pressure and temperature.

Facts about Density 6: the higher pressure

When a material or element is kept inside the higher pressure, the volume of the elements will be reduced. Therefore, the density is improved.

Facts about density

Facts about density

Facts about Density 7: the higher temperature

When the element is kept inside the higher temperature, the density will be reduced. However, the volume will be increased.

Facts about Density 8: apocryphal tale

Apocryphal tale is a famous tale related to Archimedes, his finding and King Hiero’s goldsmith. At that time, the cheaper alloy was alleged to be used by the goldsmith of King Hiero to create the golden wreath for gods instead of gold. But the king did not approve the allegation of Archimedes. Find facts about deep sea vents here.



Facts about Density 9: the appearance of the story

Two centuries after the event occurred, the story was spotted in Vitruvius’ books of architecture.

Facts about Density 10: the accuracy of the tale

Even though the tale seems promising, the accuracy of the story has been doubted by several scholars. They believed that it would be difficult to find out the density since the precise measurement was not possible to be conducted at that time. Check facts about combustion here.

Density Facts

Density Facts

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