10 Facts about Dental Assistants

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Facts about Dental Assistants tell you about a profession which assists a dental operator. Their jobs are various. They will sterilize the dental instruments, prepare the patients for the dental treatment, hold the suction devices, pass the dental instrument during the procedure, fabricate the provincial crowns, take impression and expose the dental radiograph. The dental assistant will give the extra hand while the dental operation does the procedure on the patients. Let’s check other interesting facts about dental assistant below:

Facts about Dental Assistants 1: dental hygienists and dental assistants

If you think that a dental assistant and a dental hygienist are in the similar position, you are wrong. The latter one has higher expertise and training.

Facts about Dental Assistants 2: how to become a dental assistant

In some states, a person can become a dental assistant if he or she has a college degree. They should be registered or even licensed too. On the other hand, some states allow the people without any college degree to become a dental assistant.

Dental Assistant Pictures

Dental Assistant Pictures

Facts about Dental Assistants 3: certification

To work in the field, the dental assistants should follow the minimum certification. The infection control is considered as the most important thing that dental assistant should handle when he or she is in this field.

Facts about Dental Assistants 4: the school program

There are more than 200 school programs in United States for those who want to become a dental assistant.

Dental Assistants

Dental Assistants

Facts about Dental Assistants 5: Certified Dental Assistant

The dental assistants who want to become CDA or a certified dental assistant should follow the Dental Assisting National Board or DANB CDA examination.

Facts about Dental Assistants 6: when to apply for the DANB CDA examination

The dental assistants may take the program if they have worked as a dental assistant for at least two years and completed an accredited dental assisting program.

Facts about Dental Assistants

Facts about Dental Assistants

Facts about Dental Assistants 7: the dental assistant in training

There are several dentists who like to hire a dental assistant in training as long as they have good work ethic and attitude. Check facts about dentists here.

Facts about Dental Assistants 8: the expanded duty

One of the expended duties of a dental assistant is performing restoration after the patient has decay removed from their teeth.

Dental Assistants Facts

Dental Assistants Facts

Facts about Dental Assistants 9: the dental nurse

It is okay for the dental nurse to perform the direct dental treatment in United Kingdom as long they have been registered. Find facts about dental hygienist here.

Facts about Dental Assistants 10: the treatment

One of the treatments that the dental nurse can do is teeth whitening procedure.

Dental Assistant

Dental Assistant

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