10 Facts about Dental Hygiene

Tuesday, August 9th 2016. | Health

If you want to tips to care your teeth, check Facts about Dental Hygiene. The oral hygiene will affect the dental hygiene. You need to know the facts about it since there are various myths about dental hygiene believed by the people. The teeth are often affected by the colorless plaque produced by bacteria, mucus and other particles. Let’s find out other interesting facts about dental hygiene in the following post below:

Facts about Dental Hygiene 1: toothbrush

It is very common to save the toothbrush by putting a cap on it. The cap should be tossed when you decide to use the toothbrush. Let the air in the toothbrush come out.

Facts about Dental Hygiene 2: the bacterial growth

The bacterial growth is increased if the moisture is locked inside the capped toothbrush. Some people decide not to use the cap to save the toothbrush to promote air circulation.

Dental Hygiene Facts

Dental Hygiene Facts

Facts about Dental Hygiene 3: the periodontal gum disease

The periodontal gum disease is characterized due to the fully presence of bacteria in our mouth. It is estimated that 95 percent of American people experience this condition. Look at facts about cosmetic surgery here.

Facts about Dental Hygiene 4: how to get rid of plaque

You can reduce the presence of plaque by flossing and brushing regularly.

facts about Dental Hygiene

facts about Dental Hygiene

Facts about Dental Hygiene 5: the hardened plaque

The plaque will be hardened if you do not remove the plaque regularly. You may develop gum disease if the plaque is not treated. 

Facts about Dental Hygiene 6: soda

Be careful with the soda drinks. Do you know that the risk to have tooth loss, fillings and tooth decays is higher on those who consume 3 to more glasses of soda?

Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene

Facts about Dental Hygiene 7: drinking through straw

If you want to reduce the risk of having the dental disease, always use straw when you drink the sugary juices and soda. Then you have to brush the teeth cleanly to make sure that the sugar will not affect the teeth.

Facts about Dental Hygiene 8: the first toothbrush

In 1498, the first toothbrush was produced in China. At that time, the manufacturer applied the bristles made of badgers, horses and hogs.

Dental Hygiene Pictures

Dental Hygiene Pictures

Facts about Dental Hygiene 9: the commercial toothbrush

In 1938, people can enjoy the first commercial production of toothbrush. Now the animal hair is used to create the brush.

Facts about Dental Hygiene 10: the newborn baby

The tooth decay bacteria are not found in newborn babies. Get facts about dentists here.

Dental Hygiene Images

Dental Hygiene Images

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