10 Facts about Dentists

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The information related to the surgeon specialized in dentistry is explained on Facts about Dentists.  In United States, people often use the term dental surgeon as dentist. The oral cavity is the main concern of a dentist. If you have any conditions or diseases related to the oral cavity, you can go to a dentist because he or she will prevent, diagnose and treat them. Here are other interesting facts about dentist to notice:

Facts about Dentists 1: the oral health services

The oral health services are provided by the supporting team of dentist.  The dental therapists, dental technicians, dental hygienists and dental assistants are included in the dental team.

Facts about Dentists 2: barbers

Do you know that barbers were the first people who conducted dentistry in China and France?

facts about Dentists

facts about Dentists

Facts about Dentists 3: the groups of barber

There are two groups of barbers. They were the lay barbers and guild of barbers. The latter ones were more educated than the lay barbers. They could perform complex surgeries for they had been trained to do it.

Facts about Dentists 4: the lay barbers

The lay barbers could do various acts such as basic surgery, tooth extraction and shaving.



Facts about Dentists 5: the lay barbers in France

The lay barbers were prohibited to practice all types of surgery based on the decrees in France in 1400. The publications solely for dentistry were conducted in France and Germany in 1530 until 1575.

Facts about Dentists 6: who is the father of surgery?

Do you know the father of surgery? He was Ambrose Pare. One of his best works was related to the appropriate maintenance and treatment of teeth.

Dentists pictures

Dentists pictures

Facts about Dentists 7: who was Ambrose Pare?

Pare was famous due to his amazing skill. He treated the dental care for various French Monarchs. He was a notable barber surgeon in France.

Facts about Dentists 8: the father of modern dentistry?

The father of modern dentistry is Pierre Fauchard. He explained the dental techniques and practices in a book. Find facts about dengue fever here.



Facts about Dentists 9: the dentists in America

America was also a place where the trained dentists immigrated. It had the native born practicing dentists by 1760.

Facts about Dentists 10: forensic dentistry

Forensic dentistry was first applied in America in 1768 until 1770. It was used to verify the forensic cases. Over the time, the dentistry was developed by having new methods, tools, and techniques. Check facts about Daniel Hale Williams here.

Dentist pic

Dentist pic

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