10 Facts about Depeche Mode

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Find out the information about an English electronic band on Facts about Depeche Mode. In 1981, Depeche Mode had their debut record entitled Speak & Spell released in the market. The band was included in the wave scene of British music after the record was accepted by the audience. Actually Depeche Mode was formed in Basildon, Essex in 1980. Let’s find out more interesting ideas about the band below:

Facts about Depeche Mode 1: the original members of Depeche Mode

The original members of Depeche Mode included Vince Clarke who served as the keyboardist and chief songwriter in 1980 until 1981, Andy Fletcher the keyboardist, Martin Gore after 1981 who served as chief songwriter, vocals, guitar and keyboards, and Dave Gahan who was the occasional songwriter and lead vocals since 2005.

Facts about Depeche Mode 2: Clarke and Depeche Mode

After the debut album of Depeche Mode was released in the market, Clarke decided to leave Depeche Mode.

Depeche Mode Band

Depeche Mode Band

Facts about Depeche Mode 3: the songwriting duties

The main songwriting duties were under Gore after Clarke left the band. The Clarke’s spot then was filled by Alan Wilder in 1982. This line then lasted for 13 years.

Facts about Depeche Mode 4: the last albums

Black Celebration and Music for the Masses were the last albums of Depeche Mode. In the mainstream electronic music scene, the band was very popular.

Depeche Mode Pictures

Depeche Mode Pictures

Facts about Depeche Mode 5: the audiences

There were around 60,000 spectators at the Pasadena Rose Bowl during the concert of Depeche Mode.

Facts about Depeche Mode 6: Violator

Violator was another mainstream success of Depeche Mode. Another album released by the band was Songs of Faith and Devotion.

Depeche Mode Members

Depeche Mode Members

Facts about Depeche Mode 7: Alan Wilder

In 1995, Alan Wilder decided to leave the band due to the tensions with the band. Once again, Depeche Mode became a trio even though fans and media speculated that the band would split.

Facts about Depeche Mode 8: the problems within the band

The band was deeply in huge problem due to the Fletcher’s depression, Gore’s alcoholism and seizures and Gahan’s near-fatal drug abuse. At the height that situation, it released Ultra in 1997. Check facts about Dej Loaf here.

Facts about Depeche Mode

Facts about Depeche Mode

Facts about Depeche Mode 9: Q Magazine

Depeche Mode was called as the most popular electronic band in the world by Q magazine. Find facts about Delta Goodrem here.

Facts about Depeche Mode 10: the major influence

Do you know that the industrial metal, indie rock and Detroit techno are developed due to the influence of Depeche Mode?

Depeche Mode Photo

Depeche Mode Photo

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