10 Facts about Depression

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The following post of Facts about Depression will tell the readers about the state of low mood and aversion. Depression should be treated because it can affect the sense of well-being, behavior, feeling and thought of a person. Therefore, the activities conducted by the people will be influenced too. There are various negative feelings when people are in depressed mood such as ashamed, angry, irritable, worthless, hopeless, empty, anxious, sad and guilty. Here are other interesting facts about depression to note:

Facts about Depression 1: the symptoms

There are various symptoms of depression. It may affect the appetite. Some depressed people are overeating, while others lose their appetite. You may develop less interest on the pleasurable activities or hobbies. Other symptoms include the attempt to commit suicide, experience difficulties in relationship, have difficulties to concentrate, experience digestive problems, excessive sleeping, insomnia, pains, aches, decreased energy and fatigue.

Facts about Depression 2: how to view depression?

As long the depression does not occur in a long term, it is considered as a normal reaction.

Depression facts

Depression facts

Facts about Depression 3: major depressive disorder

Depression can be a sign of a major depressive disorder if it occurs in a long term.

Facts about Depression 4: depression in adulthood

The depression in adulthood can be caused by the adversity in the childhood like physical abuse, neglect, metal abuse, bereavement and sexual abuse.

Depression Pic

Depression Pic

Facts about Depression 5: the long term depression

The long term depression over the life course is likely to experience by the person who has childhood physical or sexual abuse if this condition is not handled property since the young age.

Facts about Depression 6: the life event and changes

The medical diagnosis, job problems, financial difficulties, childbirth, loss of a loved one, menopause, jealousy, rape, social isolation, natural disaster, separation, divorce, and relationship troubles are some life events and changes which may cause the development of depression.

Facts about Depression

Facts about Depression

Facts about Depression 7: Adolescents

Peer pressure, social rejection and bullying are some causes of depression among adolescents. Check facts about chronic diseases here.

Facts about Depression 8: medication

There are several medications which decrease the mood such as high blood pressure medication, hepatitis C medication, and hormonal medication.

Depression Image

Depression Image

Facts about Depression 9: the historical legacies

The historical legacies like colonialism and racism may contribute to the development of depression.

Facts about Depression 10: depression in United States

The report states that 20 percent of adult African Americans are likely to report the depression than the adult white Americans. Find facts about cosmetic surgery here.

Depression Patient

Depression Patient

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