10 Facts about Depth of Field

Thursday, August 11th 2016. | Technology

Facts about Depth of Field will talk about a term used in optics. This term also applies in photography and films. The depth of field is often called as DOF for the shortened name. It is used to define the effective focus range or focus range. In a scene, DOF is called as the distance of the closest and farthest objects which appear sharp in an image.

Facts about Depth of Field 1: the sharpness

If you apply DOF, the unsharpness of an image will be decreased. In many normal cases, the gradual changes on the sharpness are spotted on each side of the focused distance. If you use DOF, the unsharpness will be less noticeable.

Facts about Depth of Field 2: a large DOF

The large DOF is needed if you want to produce sharp look on the entire image.

Facts about Depth of Field

Facts about Depth of Field

Facts about Depth of Field 3: a small DOF

If you think that a small DOF is not favorable, you are wrong. In some cases, people want to de-emphasize the background and foreground. Therefore, the small DOF is applied for it will focus more on the subject.

Facts about Depth of Field 4: cinematography

The shallow focus is a term used to call a small DOF in cinematography. On the other hand, deep focus is used to call a large DOF.

Depth of Field Pic

Depth of Field Pic

Facts about Depth of Field 5: precise focus

The point of image will be produced by a point of object if you employ precise focus.  Therefore, the blue spot can be found around the point of an image.

Facts about Depth of Field 6: Nokia

The DOF control was applied in the high-end smartphones of Nokia in 2013. The feature was called Refocus. After the picture is captured, the users can change the depth of field of the picture. This feature is perfect for taking picture with distant objects and close-up image.

Depth of Field Photo

Depth of Field Photo

Facts about Depth of Field 7: knob and dial

The usage of knob or dial is employed in some cameras. Normally the depth of field is employed on the lens barrel. Check facts about a laser cutter here.

Facts about Depth of Field 8: the examples of camera with focusing knob or dial

The focusing dial of DOF can be seen on the subminiature camera Tessina. The focusing knob was seen on Rolleiflex TLR.

Depth of Field Image

Depth of Field Image

Facts about Depth of Field 9: taking pictures of landscape

If you are interested to take a beautiful landscape picture, it is better to apply the large DOF. Get facts about deep web here.

Facts about Depth of Field 10: films and small DOF

The small DOF can be applied when you want to create a focus on an object. It is usually employed on the horror and melodrama movies.

Depth of Field facts

Depth of Field facts

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