10 Facts about Derby

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Facts about Derby talk about the city in Derbyshire, England. There were 248,700 residents who lived in the city based on the census in 2011. The location of Derby is on the banks of River Derwent. Derby was one of the five Boroughs of the Danelaw when it was under the Roman settlement. During the industrial era, Derby was highly developed. At first, it was only a market town. Check other interesting facts about Derby:

Facts about Derby 1: Industrial Revolution

Derby claimed that the Industrial Revolution was born in the city. It was due to the established of an early British factory, Lombe’s Mill.

Facts about Derby 2: the British rail industry

Once, Derby was the center of rail industry in Britain after railways arrived in the city in 19th century.

Derby Facts

Derby Facts

Facts about Derby 3: the transport manufacturing

There are several transport manufacturers located in Derby. They are Derby Litchurch Lane Works and Rolls-Royce. The former one is considered as the only train manufacturer in United Kingdom. The latter one takes the record as the second largest aero-engine manufacturer. The south west of the city at Burnaston is a home of Toyota.

Facts about Derby 4: the free concerts

Derby is a home of to various free concerts. One of them is the annual open air concert located at Darley Park.

Facts about Derby

Facts about Derby

Facts about Derby 5: Anti-Pasti

Anti-Pasti is one of the bands from Derby.  The Last Call was the title of their debut album which made it into the top 40 UK album charts. In 2012, the band was reformed. In 2014, the band had changed line up.

Facts about Derby 6: Derby Folk Festival

Derby Folk Festival is held annually. It is one of the famous folk music scenes in the city.

Derby Skyline

Derby Skyline

Facts about Derby 7: the music venues

There are many music venues that you can find in Derby. Those include The Victoria Inn, The Flowerpot on King’s Street, and The Venue on Abbey Street. Find facts about Delhi India here.

Facts about Derby 8: Derby Book Festival

In 2015, Derby Book Festival was hosted in the city. The event was spotted in various places of Derby.

Derby Pic

Derby Pic

Facts about Derby 9: Derby Arboretum

In 1840, Joseph Strutt was the local philanthropist who donated Derby Arboretum to the city. At first, it was developed as urban Public Park. Get facts about Denver Colorado here.

Facts about Derby 10: other points of interest

Other points of interest include Chaddesden Park, Allestree Park, Osmaston Park, Normanton Park and Alvaston Park.

Derby Race

Derby Race

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