10 Facts about Derbyshire

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Facts about Derbyshire inform the readers with the county located in the East Midlands of England. The Pennine range of hills can be found in Peak District National Park of Derbyshire. It shares border with Cheshire, Staffordshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester. The highest point in the county is Kinder Scout. It has the height at 2,087 feet or 636 m. The lowest point is located at Trent Meadows with the elevation at 89 feet or 27 m. Here are other interesting facts about Derbyshire:

Facts about Derbyshire 1: the longest river

The longest river in Derbyshire is River Derwent. It has the length of 106 km or 66 miles.

Facts about Derbyshire 2: the city of Derby

The city of Derby is a part of Ceremonial County in Derbyshire. However, it serves as a unitary authority area.

Derbyshire Beauty

Derbyshire Beauty

Facts about Derbyshire 3: the towns

There are 30 towns located in the non-metropolitan county. They were occupied by around 10,000 to 100,000 residents.

Facts about Derbyshire 4: species in Derbyshire

Derbyshire is rich in biodiversity due to the location and altitude. Jacob’s-ladder or Polemonium caeruleum has been the county flower in Derbyshire since 2002. This species of flower is very rare.

Derbyshire Scene

Derbyshire Scene

Facts about Derbyshire 5: orchids

There are various orchids that you can view in Derbyshire. Those include grass of Parnassus, grass of Parnassus, dark-red helleborine, common rockrose and fly orchid.

Facts about Derbyshire 6:  the economy of Derbyshire

The coal mining activity was spotted in several regions in Derbyshire such as in the south around Swadlincote and the Erewash Valley around Ilkeston. Now the economy of Derbyshire is focused on the combination of rural economy.

Derbyshire Pictures

Derbyshire Pictures

Facts about Derbyshire 7: natural mineral resources

There are many natural resources in Derbyshire. Those include limestone, coal, iron and lead. Find facts about County Mayo here.

Facts about Derbyshire 8: the notable companies

There are several notable companies in Derbyshire. The example is one of the leading aerospace companies in the world, Rolls Royce.

Derbyshire County

Derbyshire County

Facts about Derbyshire 9: constituencies

There are 11 constituencies in Derbyshire. It is used for the election of MPs for The House of Commons. Labor MPs were the representative of four constituencies. Conservative MPs represent the seven constituencies. Check facts about County Down here.

Facts about Derbyshire 10: the football teams

There are two football teams which compete in Football League. Both are Chesterfield F.C. and Derby County F.C. The other clubs such as Alfreton Town F.C compete in National League North.

Derbyshire Pictures

Derbyshire Pictures

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