10 Facts about Derek Gores

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Let me show you the interesting information about a famous artist born in 1971 in New York on Facts about Derek Gores. His works of canvas are amazing and unique. He recycled different kinds of materials to form collage portraits. Those include digital materials, analog materials, data, labels and magazines. When you view the works of Gores, you can find out his fearless sense of art. Here are other interesting facts about Gores to notice:

Facts about Derek Gores 1: the artworks of Gores

The artworks of Gores depict the amazing aesthetic of fashion, angular lines, abstract style and living beauty of figures.

Facts about Derek Gores 2: the galleries

There are various galleries which exhibit the works of Gores. You can spot his works in the galleries located in Santa Fe, Miami, Sydney, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Derek Gores Art

Derek Gores Art

Facts about Derek Gores 3: the clients of Gores

Gores also has many eminent clients. Those include Standard Collective, ESPN, Dwell Magazine, U2, Adidas, Lenny Kravitz, Madonna, LiveNation, Lincoln Motor Co., Kings of Leon and many more. That’s why Gores is a popular artist.

Facts about Derek Gores 4: the activities of Gores

Gores has his artistic activities in Melbourne, Florida. The Space Coast has the amazing culture and intellect which goes hand in hand with Gores’ art. Find facts about Derek Riggs here.

Derek Gores Pictures

Derek Gores Pictures

Facts about Derek Gores 5: Manifest Hope DC exhibit

The work of Gores was featured at Manifest Hope DC exhibit. It was such a big honor for him. 

Facts about Derek Gores 6: an exhibition in London

When he had an exhibition in London, Gores made it to the list of the 40 important artists of New Contemporary Movement.

Facts about Derek Gores

Facts about Derek Gores

Facts about Derek Gores 7: the subjects of Gores’ works

If you look at the works of Gores, the figures and objects in space are his primary subjects. Max Ernst, Rube Goldberg, Franz Kline and Gustav Klimt are some heroes affecting his works.

Facts about Derek Gores 8: Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln is a great figure which also inspires Gores when he makes an artwork.

Derek Gores Facts

Derek Gores Facts

Facts about Derek Gores 9: the current exhibitions of Derek Gores

The current exhibitions of Gores can be seen at Parlor Gallery Asbury Park in New Jersey, Spoke Art San Francisco in California, Cass Contemporary Tampa in Florida, and many more. Check facts about Andre Derain here.

Facts about Derek Gores 10: the pastime exhibitions

The notable pastime exhibitions conducted by Gores included Tucson Fashion Week, Thinkspace 5th Anniversary Show and Eye Candy Derek Gores Gallery.

Derek Gores Images

Derek Gores Images

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