10 Facts about Derek Jeter

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Let me show you the interesting information about the former professional baseball player from United States on Facts about Derek Jeter. He was born on 26th June 1974. His full name is Derek Sanderson Jeter. He was a player in New York Yankees. In MLB or Major League Baseball, he has completed 20 seasons. Here are other interesting facts about Jeter to notice:

Facts about Derek Jeter 1: the role of Jeter in New York Yankees

Jeter has an important role in the success of New York Yankees in the end of 1990s and beginning of 2000s. He had amazing leadership, base running and hitting. There is no need to wonder that Jeter was called as a five-time World Series Champion.

Facts about Derek Jeter 2: the record

Let’s find out the record of Jeter when he was in New York Yankees. He had all-time career leader with plate appearances (12,602), doubles (544), hits (3,465), times on base (4,716), and stolen bases (358).

Facts about Derek Jeter

Facts about Derek Jeter

Facts about Derek Jeter 3: achievement

During his baseball career, Jeter has been awarded with different kinds of accolades. Those included a Roberto Clemente Award, two Hank Aaron Awards, five Silver Slugger Awards, five Gold Glove Awards and 14 All-Star Selection.

Facts about Derek Jeter 4: the baseball draft

In 1992, Jeter made to the draft of New York Yankees when he was in high school. In 1995, Jeter had his major debut in the league.

Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter

Facts about Derek Jeter 5: success

In 1996, Jeter was named Rookie of the Year after he had wonderful performance as a shortstop of Yankees. During the 1996 World Series, Jeter helped the team to win the game.

Facts about Derek Jeter 6: the contribution

In the seasons of 1998 to 2000, Jeter made great contribution to the team. In 1998, Jeter took the third place for the Most Valuable Player Award of American League during the voting.

Derek Jeter Pictures

Derek Jeter Pictures

Facts about Derek Jeter 7: the team captain

In 2003 until 2014, Jeter served as the team captain for New York Yankees. Look at facts about David Haye here.

Facts about Derek Jeter 8: the nickname

During the amazing play of Jeter in the postseason, Jeter earned two most famous nicknames. He is called Mr. November and Captain Clutch.

Derek Jeter Images

Derek Jeter Images

Facts about Derek Jeter 9: endorsements

Jeter earned his money not only from his baseball career. He also endorsed various products due to his popularity among his generation.

Facts about Derek Jeter 10: the media attention

Jeter also received wide media attention due to his relationship with many celebrities. Check facts about David Ortiz here.

Derek Jeter Facts

Derek Jeter Facts

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