10 Facts about Derek Riggs

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Here are some Facts about Derek Riggs to inform the people who love with art. Riggs is an eminent contemporary artist from Britain. He was born on 13th February 1958 in Portsmouth. People recognize him after he created “Eddie the Head”. It was a mascot of Iron Maiden band. He was a self taught artist and had no early painting or art education.

Facts about Derek Riggs 1: the works of Riggs

The works are both traditional and modern. The latter one is reflected by his digital work. Since he complained about the course in the school, Riggs was expelled. That’s why he is self-taught.

Facts about Derek Riggs 2: Eddie the Head

His critical acclaim is his work of Eddie the Head. It was used as the mascot of the famous band, Iron Maiden. Eddie appeared on the album and single covers of Iron Maiden.

Derek Riggs Art

Derek Riggs Art

Facts about Derek Riggs 3: the first picture of Eddie the Head

At first, he used the term “Electric Matthew Says Hello” to call the first picture of Eddie. The picture was intended to be used for punk cover.

Facts about Derek Riggs 4: the management of Iron Maiden

The management of Iron Maiden suggested Riggs to revise the picture so that it would not look like a punk by adding hair.

Facts about Derek Riggs

Facts about Derek Riggs

Facts about Derek Riggs 5: the debut album of Iron Maiden

In 1980, Iron Maiden released their debut album which featured the picture made by Riggs.

Facts about Derek Riggs 6: collaboration with Iron Maiden

Riggs and Iron Maiden collaborated in 1980s and 1990s. He had created various album covers of the band which went famous.

Derek Riggs Pic

Derek Riggs Pic

Facts about Derek Riggs 7: other artists

The contribution of Riggs to Iron Maiden was reduced after Iron Maiden worked with other artists for the band’s album, Fear of the Dark. In the recent years, Riggs only gave small input for the band. Check facts about David Edgar Artist here.

Facts about Derek Riggs 8: The Iron Maidens

The Iron Maidens was the all female tribute band which the cover of the self-titled debut was created by Riggs.

Derek Riggs Imagess

Derek Riggs Images

Facts about Derek Riggs 9: Bruce Dickinson

Bruce Dickinson, the lead vocalist of Iron Maiden hired Riggs to create the cover of Accident of Birth album.

Facts about Derek Riggs 10: other bands

Actually Riggs has also worked with other bands such as Gamma Ray for their album Power Plant and Stratovarius for Infinite album. Find facts about Andre Derain here.

Derek Riggs facts

Derek Riggs facts

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