10 Facts about Dermatology

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Find out the interesting information about the branch of medicine which deals with hair, nails and skin on Facts about Dermatology.  The health problems and diseases on the hair, nail and skin are under the responsibility of dermatologists. If you want to be a dermatologist, you need to follow at least four years of training. Then you will earn M.D or D.O. degree in medical. Here are other interesting facts about dermatology below:

Facts about Dermatology 1: the topics of training

There are various types of training in dermatology.  It covers the surgical intern, transitional and initial medical.

Facts about Dermatology 2: post training

There are several post residency fellowships available for the dermatologists after they complete the training. They can choose dermatopathology, Mohs micrographic surgery, immunodermatology, laser medicine and phototherapy.

Dermatology Images

Dermatology Images

Facts about Dermatology 3: a competitive job

Being a dermatologist is one of the competitive jobs in United States for the last few years.

Facts about Dermatology 4: dermatologists in United Kingdom

If you are interested to become a dermatologist in United Kingdom, you need to become a medically qualified practitioner.  The sub-specialization is dermatology, while medicine is the specialization.

Dermatology Pic

Dermatology Pic

Facts about Dermatology 5: the medical school

You have to obtain MB,BChir, MBBCh or MBBS degree by enrolling into the medical school for five years.

Facts about Dermatology 6: cosmetic surgery

The cosmetic surgery is dominated by the dermatologists. That’s why some dermatologists decide to have a fellowship in surgical dermatology. Others also have a training to do laser surgery, fillers and botulinum toxin.

Dermatology Images

Dermatology Images

Facts about Dermatology 7: the cosmetic procedures

There are various cosmetic procedures which can be conducted by the dermatologists such as facelifts, blepharoplasty and liposuction. Check facts about dentists here.

Facts about Dermatology 8: the pathology of the skin

A dermatologist who focuses on the pathology of the skin is called a dermatolopathologist. If you want to have a fellowship of dermatopathology, you have to complete a year of training.



Facts about Dermatology 9: the skin diseases

The skin diseases caused by the immunity such as bullous, lupus, pemphigus vulgaris and pemphigoid are under the specialization of Immunodermatology. Find facts about dental hygienist here.

Facts about Dermatology 10: Mohs surgery

Mohs surgery is another important field in dermatology. The surgery is performed to cure skin cancer by using the technique of Dr. Frederic E. Mohs. That’s why it is called Mohs surgery. He developed the technique in 1930s. The dermatologists should be familiar with surgery and pathology to conduct the technique.

Facts about Dermatology

Facts about Dermatology

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