10 Facts about Dermot MacMurrough

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Get the interesting information about the King of Leinster in Ireland on Facts about Dermot MacMurrough. The traditional name of this man was Diarmait Mac Murchada. Diarmaid Mac Murchadha is the modern Irish name. Dermot MacMurrough is the anglicized version of his name. He was born circa 1110 and died on 1st May 1171. Ruaidri Ua Conchobair was the High King of Ireland who made MacMurrough dispossessed his kingdom in 1167. Let’s check other interesting facts about MacMurrough below:

Facts about Dermot MacMurrough 1: dispossession

In 1152, MacMurrough abducted the wife of Tiernan O’Rourke, the King of Breifne. The name of his wife was Derbforgaill. This abduction was used as the ground for the dispossession of his kingdom.

Facts about Dermot MacMurrough 2: King Henry II of England

After he was dispossessed from his kingdom, he met MacMurrough to ask for a help. Henry agreed to send troops for him to take back his kingdom after he pledged an oath of allegiance to the king.

Facts about Dermot MacMurrough

Facts about Dermot MacMurrough

Facts about Dermot MacMurrough 3: Aoife

Aoife was the daughter of MacMurrough who married the second Earl of Pembroke, Richard de Clare. The marriage was conducted as the gratitude of MacMurrough due to help. Check facts about Darcey Bussell here.

Facts about Dermot MacMurrough 4: Diarmait na nGall

Later MacMurrough was called Diarmait na nGall. The name means Diarmait of the Foreigners.

Dermot MacMurrough

Dermot MacMurrough

Facts about Dermot MacMurrough 5: the Lordship of Ireland

The Lordship of Ireland was achieved after MacMurrough was helped by Henry to perform a second larger invasion in 1171. 

Facts about Dermot MacMurrough 6: parents

His father was King of Leinster and Dublin. His name was Donnchad mac Murchada. The grandmother of his father was the daughter of King of Munster, Donnchad.  That’s why Brian Boru was the grandfather of his grandmother.

Dermot MacMurrough Pic

Dermot MacMurrough Pic

Facts about Dermot MacMurrough 7: the death of his father

Sigtrygg Silkbeard was the king of Dublin Vikings who killed the father of Dermot in 1115. Actually he was Dermot’s cousin. Look at facts about English Civil War here.

Facts about Dermot MacMurrough 8: the body of his father

It was considered as a huge insult when it was found out that the body of his dead father was buried with a dog.

Dermot MacMurrough Images

Dermot MacMurrough Images

Facts about Dermot MacMurrough 9: as a king

MacMurrough became a king of Leinster after his brother Énna Mac Murchada died.

Facts about Dermot MacMurrough 10: Church builder

MacMurrough was also recognized as a church builder. He commissioned several projects to build abbeys and churches in Ireland.

Dermot MacMurrough Facts

Dermot MacMurrough Facts

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