10 Facts about Desalination

Tuesday, August 16th 2016. | Technology

If you are interested to find out the process for removing the minerals from saline water, check Facts about desalination. The term soil desalination is linked with agriculture. The general definition of desalination is the removal process of minerals or salt from a target material. When you want to produce water from the saltwater, desalination will be needed. The produced water can be used for irrigation and human consumption. Here are other interesting facts about desalination to notice:

Facts about Desalination 1: the by-product of desalination

Salt is considered as the by-product of desalination. The submarines and seagoing ships in the world apply the desalination process.

Facts about Desalination 2: the fresh water

The desalination process today is focused to produce the fresh water for human consumption. It is considered as one of the independent water sources in the world along with recycled wastewater.

Desalination Process

Desalination Process

Facts about Desalination 3: the cost

Even though desalination is a useful process, the cost for performing this process is more expensive than the production of water through water recycling, groundwater, river water or water conservation.

Facts about Desalination 4: the desalinated water

There are around 1 percent of the populations in the world who need desalinated water as their basic need. By 2025, UN estimated that 14 percent of all people will have scarcity of water.

Desalination Pictures

Desalination Pictures

Facts about Desalination 5: the relevancy

It is relevant to apply the desalination process in various dry countries in the world like Australia.  The dry countries have been dependent from collecting the rainfalls in dams to get freshwater.

Facts about Desalination 6: the desalination plants

There have been 18,426 desalination plants in the world as of June 2015. Every single day, the plants generate 86.8 million cubic meters. There are 300 million people supplied by the water produced by the operated plants. Check facts about cloud computing here.

Desalination Facts

Desalination Facts

Facts about Desalination 7: Ras Al-Khair

Saudi Arabia has the single largest desalination project.  It is called Ras Al-Khair. In 2014, the project generated 1,025,000 cubic meters per day. There was a report that a plant in California was expected to surpass the record.

Facts about Desalination 8: the level of energy consumption

The level of energy consumption will be improved by 10 percent oif the desalination is used by United States.



Facts about Desalination 9: the range of desalination cost

In 2013, the cost of desalination reached $US2 to 4/kgal or US$0.45 to $1.00/cubic metre. Find facts about civil engineering here.

Facts about Desalination 10: the cost factors

There are several factors which affect the cost of desalination. Those include the feed water, location, type of facility; concentrate disposal, financing and energy.

Facts about Desalination

Facts about Desalination

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