10 Facts about Desert Animals

Wednesday, August 17th 2016. | Animals

Find out the interesting Facts about Desert Animals in the following post below. Xerocole is a term used to call the animals which can adapt with the harsh environment of the desert. The opinion whether the bodies of mammals and birds can adapt to different kinds of climate is not supported by any evidences. But there are few exceptions about it. The climate and body size may be affected the basal metabolic rate of the animals. Here are other interesting facts about desert animals:

Facts about Desert Animals 1: the adaptation of desert animals

The adaptations of desert animals can be spotted on their heat tolerance and water conservation.

Facts about Desert Animals 2: the study of desert animals

Due to the unique adaptations, the desert animals are used as the subjects for various studies such as evolutionary physiology, ecophysiology and comparative physiology.

Desert Animal Pictures

Desert Animal Pictures

Facts about Desert Animals 3: the convergent evolutions

There are several desert animals which sport the convergent evolution. Those include Moloch lizards, Phrynosoma, and kangaroo rats.

Facts about Desert Animals 4: Cursorius cursor

Cursorius cursor is a cream colored courser.  This desert animal can camouflage on the desert due to the disruptive head marking, countershading and dusty coloration.

Facts about Desert Animals

Facts about Desert Animals

Facts about Desert Animals 5: a challenging environment

The animals are challenged when they have to live on the desert. The area only gives them low amount of water and food. Moreover, they have to deal with the hot temperature.

Facts about Desert Animals 6: the birds

The birds are tolerable living on the deserts because they can fly to other areas with high amount of food and water.

Desert Animals

Desert Animals

Facts about Desert Animals 7: the adaptations of birds

The gliding birds use the thermals at higher area to soar in the cool area. Therefore, they can stand the heated desert floor. Other birds decided not to fly but run to save the energy. Look at facts about desert biome here.

Facts about Desert Animals 8: kangaroo rat

During the hot day, the kangaroo rat decides to stay underground and has low basal metabolic rate to converse energy. When they are at rest, they can reduce the loss of water in the body.

Desert Animals Images

Desert Animals Images

Facts about Desert Animals 9: the moisture

The plants eaten by the herbivorous mammals serve as the source of moisture for them. Find facts about desert here.

Facts about Desert Animals 10:  the other animals

The other animals which successfully survive on the desert are oryx, Grant’s gazelle, dik-dik and addax antelope.

Desert Animal

Desert Animal

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