10 Facts about Desert Biome

Wednesday, August 17th 2016. | Biology

Facts about Desert Biome talk about a dry region of land which has a very low level of precipitation. You can also spot few plants and animals living in desert biome.  The survived ones are the organism which can adapt the high level of heat and small amount of food and water. Every year, the desert only receives less than 10 inches or 250 mm of precipitation. On the other hand, the semi desert regions have 10 to 20 inches or 250 to 500 mm of precipitation. Here are other interesting facts about desert biome:

Facts about Desert Biome 1: the classification of desert

The classification of desert biome can be defined based on a number of factors such as the humidity, geography, temperature or even rainfalls.

Facts about Desert Biome 2: North Slope of Alaska’s Brooks Range

North Slope of Alaska’s Brooks Range is included as a cold desert because it only has 9.8 inches or 250 mm of precipitation annually.

Facts about Desert Biome

Facts about Desert Biome

Facts about Desert Biome 3: Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona is also included as a desert because it only receives less than 9.8 inches of precipitation every year. The plants in the area adapt well with the aridity of the region.

Facts about Desert Biome 4: the cold deserts

The cold deserts can also be found in the other areas in the world which sit on the high altitude such as the Himalayas.

Desert Biome

Desert Biome

Facts about Desert Biome 5: the polar deserts

The Antarctic and Arctic are included as polar deserts. Both are included as desert due to the low precipitation level and insufficient vegetation.

Facts about Desert Biome 6: the major classifications

There are two major classifications of deserts. Both are cold and hot deserts or coastal and semiarid deserts.

Desert Biome Pictures

Desert Biome Pictures

Facts about Desert Biome 7: the hot deserts

During the summer season, the desert biome has higher temperature. The precipitation level is smaller than the evaporation. It also has low humidity, lack of cloud cover and strong winds.

Facts about Desert Biome 8: cold desert

The location of the cold desert is at higher altitude than the hot desert. People often call it as temperate desert. Check facts about Australian desert here.

Desert Biome Image

Desert Biome Image

Facts about Desert Biome 9: the location of cold deserts

Cold deserts can be found mainly in Central Asia. You can also spot it on Southern Andes and eastern side of Rocky Mountains.

Facts about Desert Biome 10: the largest cold desert

The largest cold desert in the world is located in Antarctica. The area consists of 2 percent barren rock and 98 percent thick continental ice. Find facts about cold desert here.

Desert Biome Pic

Desert Biome Pic

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