10 Facts about Desert Environments

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Here is several valuable information on Facts about Desert Environments. Living in a desert is not an easy thing to do for many people. However, there are several people who have to live in desert and survive the harsh condition in the area. For millennia, human beings have to live hand in hand with the condition of deserts. Whenever grazing is available, the nomads will move their herds and flocks. They find the settled way of life after finding oases in the desert. It is considered as the source of water.

Facts about Desert Environments 1: cultivation

One of the common causes of desertification is the cultivation of semi arid and arid regions by human beings. The erosion of soil is encouraged due to the cultivation.

Facts about Desert Environments 2: desert farming

Some people think that desert farming is not possible to do. Actually it can be performed as long as the irrigation is available.

Desert Environment Pic

Desert Environment Pic

Facts about Desert Environments 3: the example of desert farming

One of the best examples of desert farming is seen in the Imperial Valley of California. The people import the water from the outside area to turn the barren and of Imperial Valley into a productive one. Check facts about Australian Desert here.

Facts about Desert Environments 4: the importance of desert

even though the desert land is very harsh, it has been used as a trade route since the ancient time. The prominent one is Sahara desert. The people transported the goods, salt, ivory and gold inside their caravans of camels through the desert.

Desert Environment Facts

Desert Environment Facts

Facts about Desert Environments 5: other benefits of desert

There is a potential benefit of producing the large amount of solar energy since the sunlight can be captured during the day without any interruption. The desert is also a good source of minerals. 

Facts about Desert Environments 6: the largest desert in the world

Antarctic Desert takes the record as the largest desert in the world. It has the area of 5,500,000 miles square.

Desert Environments

Desert Environments

Facts about Desert Environments 7: the other notable desert

Besides Antarctica desert, earth has other major deserts like Arctic Desert, Syrian Desert, Gobi Desert, Arctic Desert, Arabian Desert, Sahara Desert, Patagonian Desert, Great Basin Desert and Kalahari Desert. 

Facts about Desert Environments 8: the appearance of desert

If you have to describe the desert, you have an image of big areas of billowing sand dunes. Actually this description is not always true.

Facts about Desert Environments

Facts about Desert Environments

Facts about Desert Environments 9: the composition of sand

In Central Asia, the composition of sand is 45 percent, while 30 percent is seen in Australia. On average, it has 20 percent of sand in the desert composition.

Facts about Desert Environments 10: Atacama Desert

Atacama Desert is very dry and hot. The plants which live here get the water from the fogs and dew from the Pacific wind. Find facts about desert biome here.

Desert Environment

Desert Environment

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