10 Facts about Desert Habitat

Thursday, August 18th 2016. | Biology

Facts about Desert Habitat talk about an area in the world which receives low level of precipitation. Even though the situation in the desert is very harsh, some people survive by living in deserts. Now they begin to explore the desert more by capturing the solar energy from the sunlight and minerals from deserts. There are various kinds of literature which talk about desert. It signifies that desert is important in the human civilization. Here are other interesting facts about desert habitat:

Facts about Desert Habitat 1: the people who have lived in the desert

There are many people who have lived in the deserts. The North American Indians, Aborigines of Australia and Bushmen in the Kalahari have lived there.

Facts about Desert Habitat 2: the skills

Living in the desert is not easy. In order to survive, they have developed skills. They know how to find water, track animals, use weapons, use the things found in the surrounding areas and forage for edible plants. Therefore, their basic needs could be fulfilled by finding them in the nature.

Desert Habitat Pic

Desert Habitat Pic

Facts about Desert Habitat 3: the knowledge and skills

The knowledge and skill to live in the desert was passed down from one generation to the next generation for it would teach them to survive.

Facts about Desert Habitat 4: a nomadic life

There were several tribes in the desert who live in a nomadically. They lived as herders of some animals such as reindeers, goats, sheep, yaks, camels, cattle and llamas. Check facts about deserts here.

Desert Habitat

Desert Habitat

Facts about Desert Habitat 5: traveling

They moved from one place to another place in the desert to live with their herds. They would seek for a new land with gave them erratic rainfalls and pastures.

Facts about Desert Habitat 6: the items that the nomads had

There were several items that the nomads took with them when they moved into a new pasture. Those included their foods, herds and tent.  Meat, milk and blood were parts of their diet. The skins and clothes were used to create the tent. Find facts about cold deserts here.

Desert Habitat Images

Desert Habitat Images

Facts about Desert Habitat 7: the mineral resources

Desert is also considered as a source of mineral. The type of mineral can be seen from the tone of desert.

Facts about Desert Habitat 8: the color of desert

The laterite minerals give the desert red tone. Since 1850, sodium nitrate has been extracted from Atacama Desert. This mineral has been used to produce fertilizer and explosives.

Desert Habitat Pictures

Desert Habitat Pictures

Facts about Desert Habitat 9: other minerals in desert

The deserts in Australia are rich of uranium and iron. The deserts in Iran, Peru and Chile are rich of copper.

Facts about Desert Habitat 10: the desert farming

The system of desert farming has been developed traditionally in North Africa.  The farming would be successful if they found water source.

Facts about Desert Habitat

Facts about Desert Habitat

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