10 Facts about Desert Storm

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Find out the interesting Facts about Desert Storm in the following post below. The Operation Desert Storms in Gulf War took place on January 17th, 1991 until February 28th, 1991. There were 34 nations in the coalition forces which funded the operation.  The leader of the coalition forces was United States to fight against Iraq. This war was employed as a response of the invasion of Iraq and Kuwait’s annexation.  Find out other interesting facts about the war below:

Facts about Desert Storm 1: the other names of Gulf War

There are various other names to call Gulf War. Those include Iraq War, First Gulf War, Persian Gulf War, First Iraq War, Kuwait War or Gulf War I.

Facts about Desert Storm 2:  the occupation of Iraq on Kuwait

On 2nd August 1990, Iraq occupied Kuwait. Due to Iraq’s action, United Nations Security Council applied the economic sanctions on Iraq. Moreover, this country was also condemned by the international people.

Desert Storm Army

Desert Storm Army

Facts about Desert Storm 3: the deployment of troops

Saudi Arabia was the place where the troops of United States deployed under the order of President George Bush. Then he encouraged other countries to send their troops.

Facts about Desert Storm 4: the coalition forces

There were many countries which joined the coalition forces. That‘s way the coalition forces were considered as the largest one since the end of the Second World War.

Facts about Desert Storm

Facts about Desert Storm

Facts about Desert Storm 5: the military forces

United States contributed the most military forces in the war. Other leading contributors included United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Facts about Desert Storm 6: the cost of the war

Saudi Arabia and Kuwait contributed US$32 billion for the cost of the war. The total cost of this war was US$60 billion.

Desert Storm Pictures

Desert Storm Pictures

Facts about Desert Storm 7: the beginning of Iraq War

The principal broadcaster of the war was CNN, a United States network. The live news broadcast marked the beginning of the war. The audiences watched the front lines of the battle. Check facts about Combat here.

Facts about Desert Storm 8: Video Game War

The term Video Game War was used to call the war due to the images released on the daily basis. During the Operation Desert Storm, the images were captured from the cameras of United States bombers.

Desert Storm Facts

Desert Storm Facts

Facts about Desert Storm 9: how to expel Iraq forces from Kuwait

On 17th January 1991, the aerial and naval bombardment took place for five weeks to drive out Iraq forces from Kuwait.

Facts about Desert Storm 10: the ground assault

On 24th February 1991, the ground assault was conducted by the coalition forces. Check facts about conflict in Afghanistan here.

Desert Storm Images

Desert Storm Images

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