10 Facts about Desertification

Tuesday, August 16th 2016. | Science

Facts about Desertification will talk about a type of land degradation. The level of aridity in the dry land region is increased which make the wildlife, vegetation and bodies of water lost from the area. The human activities as well as climate change can be the primary causes of desertification. It is considered as one big problem for the environment and ecology. Let’s check other interesting facts about desertification below:

Facts about Desertification 1: Princeton University Dictionary

One of the most accepted definitions of desertification is defined by Princeton University Dictionary. It is stated that desertification is a result of inappropriate agriculture, drought or deforestation which makes the fertile land into a desert.

Facts about Desertification 2: the definition based on UNCCD

UNCCD or United Nations to Combat Desertification also defines desertification as a result of human activities and climatic variations.

Desertification Facts

Desertification Facts

Facts about Desertification 3: the discussion related to desertification

The discussion related to desertification was known for the first time when French colonized West Africa. Their topic focused on the prehistoric expansion of Sahara Desert.

Facts about Desertification 4: the notable deserts in the world

Most notable deserts in the world are primarily formed because of the natural processes which took place in a long period of time. Find facts about desert habitat here.

Facts about Desertification

Facts about Desertification

Facts about Desertification 5: the hot desert

The largest hot desert in the world is Sahara Desert. 

Facts about Desertification 6: the role of desert in human history

The collapse of some notable empires in the world was partly caused by desertification.  It led into the displacement of people in the Roman Empire, Greece and Carthage.



Facts about Desertification 7: the three epicenters of serious land deterioration

The loessial plateau of China, the Mesopotamian Valley and the Mediterranean are the three epicenters where the serious land deterioration takes place.

Facts about Desertification 8: the drylands

The land area of earth is occupied by around 40 to 41 percent of drylands. There are around 2 billion people who live here. Check facts about desert climate here.

Desertification Images

Desertification Images

Facts about Desertification 9: desertification in drylands

Desertification takes place on 6 to 12 million square km of the drylands. Where the degraded one is found on 10 to 20 percent of the drylands. Find facts about desert habitat here.

Facts about Desertification 10: the people who live in desertified areas

The desertified areas are inhabited by around 1 to 6 percent of the people in drylands. The people threatened with the risk for further desertification are around one billion.

Desertification Pic

Desertification Pic

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