10 Facts about Deserts

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The barren land of the world is explained on Facts about Deserts.  The plant and animal life in the area is very hostile due to the little amount of precipitation. The report states that the arid and semi arid lands are found on one third of the land surface of earth. The ground is unprotected due to the lack of vegetation on the desert. Check other interesting facts about desert below:

Facts about Deserts 1: the Polar Regions

The little precipitation is not only seen on the hot deserts but also on the Polar Regions. Therefore, they are called as cold deserts.

Facts about Deserts 2: classifications

There are several ways that the experts do to classify deserts. It can be seen by the geographical location, causes of desertification, prevalent temperature and precipitation level. Find facts about cold desert here.

Facts about Deserts

Facts about Deserts

Facts about Deserts 3: formation of desert

The weathering process forms the desert. This condition is characterized by the presence of the variation on the day and night. That’s why the rocks on the area are broken into pieces and turn the land into desert.

Facts about Deserts 4: the flash flood

The flash flood may occur on the desert even though the precipitation level is very small. It is due to the occasional downpour. Check facts about desert biome here.



Facts about Deserts 5: the shattered rocks and fragments

The rocks turn into shattered fragments if the hot rocks are poured by the falling rain. The wind then will erode the desert floor.

Facts about Deserts 6: the features of deserts

The deserts may have different features such as clays, exposed bedrocks, rocky outcrops, and smooth stones.

Deserts Pictures

Deserts Pictures

Facts about Deserts 7: oases

Oases may occur on the deserts.  If you find any oases, the underground sources of water are in the desert. They can be in the form of seepages or springs.

Facts about Deserts 8: the flora and fauna

The flora and fauna in the desert have special adaptation since they can live in the harsh environment. The plants are characterized with water-resistant cuticles, no leaves, and spines.



Facts about Deserts 9: the animals

Most animals which live in the deserts are nocturnal. During the days, they stay on shade. When the night comes, they begin hunting.

Facts about Deserts 10: the trade routes

The caravans of camels in the past were used to carry ivory, gold, salt and other goods on the desert. The people had to follow the trade routes which passed the desert.

Desert Images

Desert Images

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