10 Facts about Designer Babies

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Facts about Designer Babies will tell the readers about a baby formed due to the genetic modification or genetic screening. The possible child can feature the desired traits after the gene therapy techniques are applied. Before the process of implantation, the scientists will screen the embryo. This process is called PGD or PIGD. It stands for the pre-implantation genetic diagnosis in the medicine and clinical genetics. Here is other useful information about designer babies to notice:

Facts about Designer Babies 1: how to get embryos or acolytes

The evaluation for designer baby can only be performed if the embryos or oocytes are available via IVF or vitro fertilization. It is considered as one of the assisted reproductive technologies.

Facts about Designer Babies 2: is it a new technology?

If you think that a designer baby is a new technology, you are wrong. In 1989, the scientists had created the first designers babies. In 1990, they were born.

Designer Babies Facts

Designer Babies Facts

Facts about Designer Babies 3: the primary benefit

The primary benefit of having a designer baby is that the baby will have lowered risk of having disease. The specific genetic disease will be screened before.

Facts about Designer Babies 4: the nonmedical traits

Some people want to have designer babies for nonmedical reasons. They can decide the hair color, sex, intelligence, athletic ability and cosmetic traits by having the proposed application of preimplantation.

Facts about Designer Babies

Facts about Designer Babies

Facts about Designer Babies 5: the controversy

The controversy still occurs on how to people view the application of designer baby. The process caused by the nonmedical purpose is viewed negatively in the society.

Facts about Designer Babies 6: the sex of the baby

It has been possible for the parents to select the sex of the baby as of 2009 since it involves with the X and Y chromosomes.

Designer Babies

Designer Babies

Facts about Designer Babies 7: the genetic traits

There are at least 1,500 different genetic traits which can be tested at once by using a microchip today. Check facts about C-section here.

Facts about Designer Babies 8: the gene therapy technique

When parents want to have a child with desired traits, they can have the gene therapy techniques. It can be used to treat diseases.

Designer Babies Pic

Designer Babies Pic

Facts about Designer Babies 9: the risk

The risk of having a new disease is increased when the genetic modification is applied on the new organisms.

Facts about Designer Babies 10: genetic engineering

The human gene pool may have deleterious effect if the designer baby is introduced via genetic engineering. Get facts about baby boomers here.

Designer Babies Image

Designer Babies Image

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