10 Facts about Detective Fiction

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Facts about Detective Fiction tell you about a subgenre of mystery fiction and crime fiction. The main story in fiction is to identify a crime or a murder. The detective will uncover the story about it. They can be the amateur or professional investigators. The primary characters in the detective fiction are the fictional detectives. There is no need to wonder that many detective short stories and novels feature the characters. Check other interesting facts about detective fictions in the following post below:

Facts about Detective Fiction 1: the Golden Age of Detective Fiction

The era in 1920s until 1930s was considered as the Golden Age of Detective Fiction. There were many early examples of Detective Fiction works written in the period of time.

Facts about Detective Fiction 2: who are the fictional detectives?

The fictional detectives in the stories can be the professional policeman, private investigators or even amateur detectives.

Detective Fiction Image

Detective Fiction Image

Facts about Detective Fiction 3: the popularity of fictional detectives

The fictional detectives are popular due to their individual personalities and characters. That’s why the fictional detective appears in many films, TV and theatre characters.

Facts about Detective Fiction 4: the first famous detective

If you think that Sherlock Holmes is the first famous detective character, you are wrong. The first one which gains critical acclaim and popularity is C. Auguste Dupin. He was created by Edgar Allan Poe.

Facts about Detective Fiction

Facts about Detective Fiction

Facts about Detective Fiction 5: the most famous detective

If you have to mention the most famous fictional detective today, it must be Sherlock Holmes. This character was created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The assistant or narrator in the books was Dr Watson.

Facts about Detective Fiction 6: the archetypes of fictional detectives

There are four archetypes of fictional detectives. Those include the forensic specialist, police detective, private investigator and amateur detectives.

Detective Fiction Pictures

Detective Fiction Pictures

Facts about Detective Fiction 7: the examples of fictional forensic specialists

Thorndyke, CSI teams, Cracker and Scarpetta are some examples of fictional forensic specialists who focus on the finding the scientific results.

Facts about Detective Fiction 8: the police detectives

The police detectives have the primary job to solve crimes. The fictional ones include Clouseau, Columbo and Kojak. Check facts about Deadpool here.

Detective Fiction

Detective Fiction

Facts about Detective Fiction 9: the amateur detectives

The examples of the fictional amateur detectives include Lord Peter Wimsey, Jessica Fletcher and Miss Marple. They have deep curiosity and gifted knowledge to solve a case. However, they are not included as members of criminal investigation field.

Facts about Detective Fiction 10: The private investigator

The private investigators are considered as the professional ones who work for the civic or criminal investigations. However, they are out of the criminal justice system. They include Millhone, Spade, Holmes, Dupin, Magnum and Marlowe. Find facts about Dead Poet Society here.

Detective Fiction facts

Detective Fiction facts

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