10 Facts about Detectives

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Facts about Detectives tell you about an investigator. In most cases, the law enforcement agency hires the detective. Some of them are private investigators who work for their own. The Pinkerton Detective Agency has a motto by calling the detective as the Eye that Never Sleeps.  The shortened version of the motto is private eyes. Let’s check other interesting facts about detectives below:

Facts about Detectives 1: detectives in fiction

Detective is considered as a popular character in many fictional books and stories. They can be unlicensed person or even the licensed one. To figure out the identity of the criminal, they will have a deep research on the personal record, check the historical crimes, and evaluate the clues.

Facts about Detectives 2: a detective position

If a person wants to become a detective, they have to become a police officer first. Then they have to follow and pass a required written test. That’s the requirement in some police departments.

detective pictures

detective pictures

Facts about Detectives 3: are they college graduates?

Most detectives that you can spot in some police departments have a college degree. At first, they have not served as uniform officers. They join the department from a civilian background.

Facts about Detectives 4: opinions about detective

Some people believe that detectives have distinctive jobs since they are different from the uniformed officers. That’s why to become a detective; a person should have special abilities, qualities, qualifications and training.

Facts about detectives

Facts about detectives

Facts about Detectives 5: the opposing argument of detectives

There is an opposing argument related to the training or education of detectives. Some people believe that it would be difficult for a detective to work with the uniformed colleagues if they have not become an uniformed patrol officer.

Facts about Detectives 6: the detective branch

There are several squads or departments located in the detective branch of many police agencies.

detectives images

detectives images

Facts about Detectives 7: the specialization

There is a specialization related to the job of a detective. They may have undercover operations and are centered to solve a specific crime. Check facts about criminal justice here.

Facts about Detectives 8: the types of specialized jobs

Some of them may specialized in missing persons, organized crimes, auto theft, robbery, homicide, vice, computer crime, arson, surveillance, fraud, juvenile crime, sexual assault and many more.

Detective Story

Detective Story

Facts about Detectives 9: the practice of detective

The court and judicial processes have not recognized the practice of detectives in some countries like in Portugal.

Facts about Detectives 10: the activities of police detectives

The Bow Street Runners were considered as the first police detective activities in England. Get facts about criminal law here.

detectives facts

detectives facts

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