10 Facts about Detergent

Tuesday, August 23rd 2016. | Chemistry

Facts about Detergent talk about substances which have cleaning properties. Alkylbenzenesulfonates are considered as the main substance in a detergent.  It is more soluble in hard water than soap. The polar carboxyl in the soap is more likely to bind calcium in the hard water than the polar suffocate found in detergent. The term detergent is often used to call dish detergent or laundry detergent if you use this word in the household content. It is different from other types of cleaning agents and hand soaps. Check other interesting facts about detergent below:

Facts about Detergent 1: the form of detergents

Most industries produce the detergents in the form of concentrated solutions and powders.

Facts about Detergent 2: how does the detergent work

The detergent and soap work in similar ways. Both of them are amphiphilic. The word means that the detergents and soaps contain the non polar and polar features. Due to this feature, the water can be mixed with grease, oil and other hydrophobic compounds.

Facts about Detergent

Facts about Detergent

Facts about Detergent 3: laundry detergent

Laundry detergent is very important in the life of people today.  You can wash the clothes and other fabrics using this item.

Facts about Detergent 4: the formulations of laundry detergent

If you think that the formulations of detergent are simple and easy, you are wrong. They are complicated. The consumer market is getting competitive and the demand of detergent application is various now.

Detergent Facts

Detergent Facts

Facts about Detergent 5: what is laundry detergent?

There are various agents that you can find in laundry detergents. Those include fragrances, enzymes, bleach, surfactants, brighteners, and water softeners. The primary elements in detergents include the anti re deposition agents, alkaline builder, water softening agents and anionic surfactants. The non ionic surfactants are not presented in some liquid detergents.

Facts about Detergent 6: the temperature

Do you know that the temperature of cleaning water influences by the formulation of detergents. That’s why the formulation of detergents is different among countries in the world.

Detergent Images

Detergent Images

Facts about Detergent 7: the components of high end detergents

The optical brighteners and enzymes are available in the components of high end detergents.

Facts about Detergent 8: phosphates in detergents

The usage of phosphates in detergents has been banned in many countries in the world for they concern with the biodegradability issues. EDTA is used to replace sodium tripolyphosphate. Find facts about DDT here.



Facts about Detergent 9: how to prevent fouling

The fouling can be prevented by using detergents in the fuels. It is applied for the fuel injectors and carburetors of Otto engines.

Facts about Detergent 10: the concentration

The concentration of detergent in the fuel should be around 300 ppm. Check facts about curium here.



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