10 Facts about Development

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Facts about Development inform the readers with the human development. It covers the process of the growth of human being from a one celled zygote into an adult. In general sense, it talks about the process of human being growing into maturity. When sperm and ovum meets, the fertilization takes place. Then the zygote will be formed after the sperm and egg share their genetically material to form a single cell. Then it will experience a germinal stage which takes around 10 days of gestation period.

Facts about Development 1: embryo

After zygote is formed, it will develop into the next stage called embryo. The process takes place after the genetic material is fully complemented.

Facts about Development 2: the stages of embryonic development

There are four stages of embryonic development. The early stage is called the morula stage. Then it is followed by the bastula stage and the gastrula stage. The neurula stage marks the end of the embryonic development.

Development Facts

Development Facts

Facts about Development 3: mitosis

Before the implantation, embryo is located in the zona pellucid. It is a protein shell. Mitosis occurs during the period for dividing the cells several times.

Facts about Development 4: fetus

The next stage of the prenatal development is a fetus. The experts state that it takes 8 weeks after the fertilization to find out the transition from an embryo into a fetus.

Development Pictures

Development Pictures

Facts about Development 5: the physical characteristics of fetus

Fetus is a more developed version of embryo for the internal organs have been developed. The external feature can be recognized too.

Facts about Development 6: the childhood stage

The process of human being grown from the birth to adolescence is called childhood. There are two stage of childhood based on the theory of cognitive development by Piaget. Both are the preoperational stage and concrete operational stage.

Development Image

Development Image

Facts about Development 7: the development psychology

There are four stages of childhood based on the development psychology. They are the toddlerhood, early childhood, middle childhood and adolescence.

Facts about Development 8: the concept of childhood

In 17th and 18th century, the childhood concept was introduced. Find facts about chromosomes here.



Facts about Development 9: adulthood

When human being reaches the sexual maturity, they are considered as adults. Find facts about designer babies here.

Facts about Development 10: the legal adulthood

The legal adulthood is determined based on the specific age in many countries in the world.

Facts about Development

Facts about Development

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