10 Facts about Devil

Thursday, August 25th 2016. | Religion

If you want to know the main opponent of God based on the point of view of Islam and Christianity, check Facts about Devil. The word devil was taken from a Greek word, diabolos. The meaning is accuser or slanderer. The devil is often called Satan in Christianity. It was identified with the Serpent who made Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit.  The devil is also described as the one which uses evil to terrorize the world. Therefore, it also receives the name as the fall angel.  Let’s find out other interesting facts about devil by reading the below post:

Facts about Devil 1: the condemned one

Devil and the fallen angels who follow him should be condemned at the Last Judgment in the eternal fire.

Facts about Devil 2: the identification of devil in Islam

Devil is also identified in Islam. They are considered as those who oppose Allah. The devil is also called as Shaitan.

Devil Pictures

Devil Pictures

Facts about Devil 3: other religions

The figures which have similar characteristics to Devil are spotted in other non-Abraham religion such as Angra Mainyu, the Zoroastrian spirit and Mara, the Buddhist demon. Check facts about cults here.

Facts about Devil 4: the word Satan in New Testament

The word Satan appears at least 30 times along with the word diabolos in the passages of New Testament.

Devil Pic

Devil Pic

Facts about Devil 5: the concept of devil in Judaism

The concept of devil is mainstream in Islam and Christianity. However, this concept is not spotted in the mainstream Judaism.

Facts about Devil 6: Book of Wisdom

The devil is identified as the one bringing the death to the world based on the view in Book of Wisdom. Satanael is a Watcher angel which can be found in the Second Book of Enoch. This Satanael was thrown out of the heaven. He was the prince of the Grigori.

Devil Images

Devil Images

Facts about Devil 7: the view of mainstream Christianity toward devil

As I have stated before, the devil is referred to Satan in mainstream Christianity. Sometimes the devil is also an angel too based on the point of view of modern Christians.  They rebel against the God along with the angelic host or demons.

Facts about Devil 8: the bad plan of devil

Devil opposes God. Therefore, their main plan to create chaos and spread lies on mankind. Moreover, the devil hates humanity.



Facts about Devil 9: devil in Christian art

In Christian art, the devil is usually depicted with canines and nose of a pig, ears and fur of goats and horns of a ram and goat.

Facts about Devil 10: the depiction of Satan

Satan is often described as a serpent due to its association with the Adam, Eve and the forbidden fruit. Look at facts about demons here.

Devil Facts

Devil Facts

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